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Design a Welly with Joules

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Wellies are something that I always wear during the winter but have always found myself buying a boring pair of plain black ones. Then lust over some of the amazing ones you can find online and in stores. There are so many jazzy designs, bright colours and funky looking patterns that can really make your outfit pop. I tend to wear mine in the winter when I have to walk to work, they keep me that little bit warmer and they keep me a lot dryer than other shoes, this way if I get myself a jazzy pair Ill look that little more stylish! Right? They are a must really. Joules have given you the chance to enter a competition in which you can design your own wellies, the best out of all enteries will be picked and will be popped into the production line to be sold at Joules. As if this wasn’t enough they will be giving all proceeds made from the winning wellington boot design to Charitably Joules. Which for me is amazing, if I can do one thing for fun that is also going to help give to charity I’m there! There’s more, the winner will also win a luxury break worth £5000 in a luxury Golden Oak Treehouse for three nights plus lots more. Even if you are not the winner and are in the top 10 runners up you will relieve a £250 gift voucher to be used online or in store. Not only do you get the fun of designing your very own wellington boot, which you can do here. But you also get the chance to win all the other amazing things! Why would you not want to get involved?! I’m about to pop over to the website right now to get my wellies designed and entered!





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