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Nailed It: Summer Edit #1

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If you’ve been to CharlotteSamantha before or follow me on Instagram at Charlotte.Samantha. Then it will be no surprise to you that I love painting my nail, a girly trait that we all love. When it gets to summer I get excited about getting all my pastel shades out and head straight to the shops to find some new shades that I can obsess over. This weeks nail post is going to be a little different to the colours that I will generally be wearing in the summer but since I do live in the Uk and it isn’t exactly sunny weather all of the time I have to have a stand by. I think this is the perfect shade for when you want something a little more toned down and relaxed on your nails.

Its an Essie polish which I have to say are my favourite polishes at the moment. The shape of the brush fits the nail perfectly, the colours last so long and don’t fade and also the colour range is amazing. This one is in the shade Take It Outside and I actually bought this from Fragrance Direct which sells these cheaper than the shops, I believe this is because they are old stock. Maybe shades that they have now discontinued. Love how light this colour is but looks amazing in the summer. It is  a light greyish tone with a purple hint. Its perfect! What colours are you loving for the summer?





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