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January Favourites #1


Can you believe it is already a month into the new year! It doesnt feel like two minutes ago I was sharing with you my New Year Resolutions and already im telling you what I have been loving this month! I have to say January is one of my least favourites months. But what month wouldnt be when it has just been Christmas! There are only a few beauty items this week and a few little bits and bobs thrown in too.

The first thing I purchased this month and have been using EVERY day is the Bobble Bottle. Id heard about these and wondered if they where any good for so long. But the price always put me off. I was off doing the weekly shop when I saw them on a half price sale, so of course had to get myself one. These bottles have a built in filter great for on the go. When water passes through the carbon filter the chlorine in the tap water is removed, making water taste crisp and clean. Each filter is said to last for around 300 ueses which works out at around 2 months. I really do like using this bottle, although I cant taste too much of a difference it has defintly got me to drink more which is helping my skin etc!

Ive switched up my foundation a little more this month and have started to go for a lighter coverage. This Rimmel BB Cream has been amazing. Its a very light weight, light coverage. It doesnt cover up blemishes however it covers and pigmentation your skin may have and any black bags under your eyes.

For lips this month ive started to use Mac’s Twig as an everyday colour. Its my perfect nude for this time of year, find out more about it here.

I recieved a Clinque sample of their High Impact Mascara and have totally fallen in love. The mascara doesnt only make my lashes look fuller but also gives them length. Although I love the look of the mascara I have been finding it hard to get off! But I can deal with that if my eye lashes are going to look this good. Its top of my list for when I get my first pay.

I found this Loreal Blush in a Beauty Store that has makeup that has been reduced as its old stock. I got mine the shade True Rose and love it! I want to go back and get more of the range. It can be a little bit chalky but as long as you dont apply too much its a lovely everyday blush colour.

A little bit of a different one again is this notebook I was given for Christmas. Im finding it a bit strange putting a notebook in my favourites but I really have been loving it!

The last item is the book by Zoe Sugg, feature here. I loved reading this book and found it such a cute story.

What have you been loving this last month?





  • emmaloubookblog

    I really wanted to enjoy Zoe’s book but after all the ghost written drama, it went down a notch in my books. Excuse the pun.

    Great blog post! I’ve been loving Collection’s Concealer – it’s worked wonders for my skin.

    EL xx


  • VV Nightingale

    I’m really curious to see what Girl Online is like so I might just have to buy it sometime!

  • Sarah Smiles

    That MAC lipstick looks gorgeous! I’ve seen a couple of people talk about it so that might be the next one I pick up! 🙂

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

  • andreabremner

    The Daisy bottle is one of my favourite perfume bottles ever!

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