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Review: Girl Online

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Id heard the hype around blogger/ youtuber Zoey Suggs book Girl Online but thought it was aimed at a younger age group than myself. But then I read some amazing reviews online from some people around my own age and decided that I should just give it a go. Everyones different, everyone likes different thing and with this kind of thing age doesnt really matter. I received the book for Christmas and couldnt wait to dive into it and see if this book was for me. Christmas for my family is a time we spend with each other, playing games etc, which meant I didnt have much time to get myself into the book. Which was okay because I was spending time with my family, but it kinda made me feel like I wasnt enjoying it. Non the less, I was in the mood for a post Christmas relax in the bath and took the book with me. I was fixed. There was something about this book that really made me want to keep reading and keep reading. That I did. Within a week the book was finished but I was left wanting more!

I dont want it to spoil it for anyone who hasnt read the book, but a quick outline wont do any harm. A young girl who is struggling coming to terms with school and having panic attacks get the chance to go over to New York for Christmas. She falls in love with someone who isnt all that truthful with her and through all of this she writes an anonymous blog which helps her when she is feeling at her worst. Its such a lovely story which Im sure can relate to many teenage girls, who are maybe going through the same things and need a little help in realising its okay. Its okay to feel scared about things, sometimes you just have to face your fears. Its okay to feel different from others, at the end of the day each and every one of us is different. Its okay to sometimes struggle with things, talk to some and get the help you need.

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  • Jennifer cooper

    I have been wanting to read this too!! It looks so good great post.

  • tinkerbelljayne

    I’ve been debating whether to buy this or not, as I too thought it was for a much younger audience than my 28 year old self, but after reading this and a few other positive reviews, I might give it a go actually 🙂
    x tink x

  • Kiersten

    I just bought the book yesterday. I haven’t started reading it yet but my plan is to read some today before I go to work. Thanks for the review!

  • Lauren's Looks

    Like you I thought this was aimed at a younger age group so put off buying it but after reading your review I think I’ll definitely have to read it, sounds so good! X

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