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A month in photos

jan in photos

January was a month generally a positive month. With the start of a new job and other things that started too look up. I always looking at posts when people add all their photos from the month and sum up the month. It may be something a little more for me too look back at in the future but this is my space. The photos ill be Ive put on are taken from my instgram which is: charlotte.samantha

This month my blog reached a year old, for some this would mark the future of something and for others its a celebration of something that has impacted on their life. For me my blog has been my place to get away from things and enter my own world. Ive had my ups and downs with my blog but all in all ive loved every minute of it!

It marks a month of trying to get my eating a little more healthy, which has worked but of course on a weekend I tend to slip out of the healthiness! I also tried a little bit of youtube, which still hasnt gone up yet as im not 100% happy with it. Lets be honest im probably going to have to video another and another before anything goes up!

What have you been getting up too in the last month?




  • Abi Street

    Congrats on the new job hun!! This month has been crazy assignments for me 🙁 Feb is going to be fab though xx

    Abi | – Don’t forget to check out my giveaway

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