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Sunday Summary #10

IMG_20150510_102330 IMG_20150514_180040

I bet your expecting lots of amazing photos of my last weekend in Glasgow. Yep, was I right? Of course I am. Its what I promised but of course me being me I got to Glasgow and for some unexpected reason ended up feeling like I was on my death bed. I was loaded with cold and flu like symptoms, going from hot to cold in about 30 seconds and honestly just felt like I was about to fall asleep at any point. I pulled myself through I kept going drinking lots of water and taking lots of flu tablets but that did stop me from taking as many photos I would have liked to take, instead I am going to put all the photos I took together in a little photo blog post which will be going up tomorrow, so keep an eye out for that. That will include all details of what we did and what I would recommend doing if you where to visit Glasgow.

IMG_20150511_085216 IMG_20150510_145256

Once we got back I spent the evening chilling and getting myself back to normal for work the next day but of course that wasn’t too happen and I woke up feeling worse than I ever have. I pushed myself into work which ended in me feeling even worse and got sent home with the sickness bug that was circulating. Which has meant this week turned out to be a little bit of a shambles with nothing much planned and of course NO blogging to do. So its a big catch up day for me today!! Hope you’ve had a better week than I have had, and I look forward to next weeks which should hopefully be slightly better





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