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Top Five Tips:Money


1. Budget. I get paid weekly, so the best thing for me to do too make sure im not spending my money all at once is to give myself a weekly budget. This way I can keep on top of what im spending and not spend too much. If I dont spend all the budget I then put it into my savings account.

2.Discount. One thing I love to do is find discount codes. It makes me so happy to think that I have saved some money when buying something I would have bought anyway. If your shopping online or going out for a meal make sure before hand you search for a discount code, youll be surprised at what youll find.

3.Copper. Most people hate having change and as soon as they are given anything smaller than 10p put it in a draw never to be seen again. Ive got a pot that I put anything below 10p then when it gets near christmas or my holidays I count it up and find that Ive got a lot of money in there that I would have probably  never seen.

4.Loyalty. loyalty cards are another thing that I just cant get enough off. If im buying something from a shop once likey hood that ill buy from them again is great so if they offer you a points card, TAKE IT! Your gaining as you spend, what more do you want!

5.Save. Another thing I do which really helps me with money is too save. If I see something I want then Ill save up for it. I make a list of things that I would like then once ive got a bit of money together I go out and spend it all on the things I have been looking at. This way I pick things that I really want rather than things that I see and think I want, when probably I dont really need.


What do you do to look after your money?




  • Leah and Rachel

    Hey, I’m a new follower on bloglovin! I needed this post! I can’t help but spend my non existing money, haha! I will try and save alot more now ­čÖé xx

  • Blog by Linni

    Thanks for some super great tips!

  • Danielle

    I always pay with bank card. If I have money I have to spend it.

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