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Foodie Friday #1

IMG_0621 IMG_0623 IMG_0624Staring healthy eating is a must when it comes to the new year. Although im not going all out want to lose a whole load of weight, I would like to start and eat a little healthier than I was in 2014. The girl loved the cake! One of my favorite snacks is chips, if I start to get a little peckish around lunch time but dont fancy a full meal I would often pop the oven on and put in some oven chips. It was easy and I am a lover of chips. I know they are not healthy, and dont want to end up kidding myself and pop the oven back on anytime soon for my oven chips.

What you will need
Sweet potato
(depending on how many it is for, I had one for myself for lunch)
Half a TSP of Ground CinnamonHalf a TSP of Smoked Paprika
Half a TSP of Garlic Granules
TSP of Salt
Low Cal Spray Oil

How to
Wash your sweet potato to make sure it is clean. Chop the sweet potato into the chip/wedge shapes you want and boil them in a pan for 5-7 minutes. You want them so they are soft enough to eat. While they are boiling mix together the dry ingredients in a small bowl.
Once the sweet potato is ready, drain the water from the potatoes and place on a tray ready to bake. Spray the potato with low cal spray oil and sprinkle on your dry ingredients. Pop in the over for 15-20 minutes or until crispy enough for you to eat. Eat with your favourite sauce or if your a little bit strange like me add a little bit of vinegar! And ENJOY!

IMG_0619 IMG_0620

Let me know how you got on with this Sweet Potato Chips in the comments below. Send me pictures of them too my twitter @charlottesamox




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