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Getting Wrapped Up #16

wrapping up cover

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is getting all my presents together and getting them wrapped up. When it comes to wrapping up I’m a firm believe that everything had to be matching. I hop on over to pinterest, you can find mine here and take a look around to see what kind of inspiration for my wrapping that year. This year I really loved all the pins that I saw that featured brown paper with a feature paper alongside it. I decided that this year that is what I would do.


While food shopping in asda I came across this gorgeous Bambi wrapping paper and I knew it was the feature paper I needed. I looked at the accessorise that went alongside it and couldnt find many but knew I could pair it with other bits and bobs. The plain brown paper was bought from The Card Factory for only 99p, bargain right there! I bought ribbons, bows, bells and lots more. Sat down and got wrapping. I’m not going to lie this took me a very long time but I really enjoyed it, I had Christmas movies in the background and lots of hot chocolates.

DSCF2124 DSCF2126

Here are some of the pictures that I pinned in my Christmas Bored on Pinterest for inspiration.


How do you like to wrap your presents up at Christmas?




  • VV Nightingale

    I always choose really nice paper and that’s about it, I’d love to try using ribbon and more things though!

  • Aline

    My wrapping game was really bad, but I’m trying to improve! I wrapped by Secret Santa gift in a pretty awesome way (if I may say so myself)… this post will be inspiration for next year! (or birthdays).

    Merry Christmas 🙂

    • Charlotte Samantha

      I love wrapping! I think I literally get a buzz for wrapping presents!
      I hope you do!
      Merry Christmas

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