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5 Steps Too: Plain and Simple

Photo from Pinterest:

Photo from Pinterest:

Plain and simple. Its taken me a lot of time, effort and sleepless nights. Im only kidding. But it has taken me a while to decide exactly how I want to have my room, how I want to design my own little space. Its the place I spend most of my time. Where my thoughts can run crazy. Which makes it hard to really decide on what I want. Im still not fully there. I decide on one thing and then totally change my mind and think of something else that would look amazing. I don’t have much room to play with so what I have I want it to be perfect. I thought Id tell you the kind of things that run through my mind when I’m deciding how I really want to decorate my room. All the silly little things I do and how I finally come to a decision.

1. Jot it down.
One of the most important things for me is writing it down. I don’t like to put it on my computer or on my phone. I like the good old fashioned way of getting a cute little notepad out with a just as cute pen out and jotting down exactly what it is I have been thinking about. For me this helps me to remember all the different ideas I have had. I may be sat in a cafe and I think of something I think would look amazing, equally I could be sat in work and suddenly something clicks and I want to change my mind. If I don’t write all these ideas down I won’t remember what it is that I was thinking.

I don’t just mean sit on Pinterest and look at all the different things that other people have done. Take inspiration from different things. Sometimes I can be on a dog walk and I see something that makes me think, ‘ Ohh if i could do that’. Don’t look out for things to jump out at you, just take your time, don’t over think it either. You won’t notice things if you’re constantly thinking about what it could be that is going to inspire you. You never know when you will actually get the inspiration it will just hit you.

3.Pros & Cons.
Think about all the ideas you have come up with, think of what the pros and cons are about this. Are the white walls really going to stay white for too long? Will the bed really get made everyday with all those cushions? When your looking at all your ideas think about what will work for you, your lifestyle and what will help you in your everyday behaviours.

Don’t just compare all your ideas. Look at different shops, what is going to cost you to go into your savings and what will allow you to just take a little splurge into next months pay packet. Don’t go too crazy thinking of exactly what you want. Think about all the other factors that will cause you to choose what you will do in the end.

This is one of the biggest things for me. You don’t want to rush into something. It may be something you really love at the time but a few weeks down the line and those white walls are now yellow and you really hate it. You wanted something that was going to be nice and simple but is it too boring now? Once you have decided look at all the things and think about how they would look in your room or if you will still like it in a few weeks.

How do you decide how you are going to decorate?




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