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The first post of my Summer Series had to be something  that I have been loving lately, and that is painting my nails bright colours. As soon as I see flowers, hear the word spring and maybe even see a tiny bit of sun I hurry to the shops and pick up some of the brightest (as bright as I would dare wear) nail varnishes. Today I thought it would be a nice idea to show you the 8 nail polishes that have been my go-to over the last few weeks.

DSCF0883The first 4 that I have been loving are these here: lknkdcjnskjksdxjStarting from left to right, I have a Maybelline Color Show in the colour Corals Up, I love using coral colours in the spring/summer. This Maybelling nail varnish looks good with two coats and I have found it lasts around a week before starting to chip. Another positive of these nail varnishes is that they are only £2.99 to buy and as youll see I have many of them! Next is another Maybellin Color Show in the colour Maybe Blue, this powder blue looks great with a tan and isn’t too bright for those who may not feel brave enough to put on a vibrant colour. Another Maybelling Color Show is in the colour So So Fresh, which is a gorgeous pastel green. Ive been loving wearing this with a beautiful mint green dress I have. Last on this hand I have the Models Own Fruit Pastel which I have in the colour Grape Juice, these nail varnishes claim to smell like different fruits but im yet to find a nail varnish that doesn’t actually smell like nail varnish. This is a stunning lilac colour which I lovelovelove for the summer, I really think all these pastel colours look great with a tan. This is a little more expensive at around £5 a bottle but the formula is great and they are definitely worth £5.

jybytfikuh (2)The other 4 I have been loving, from left to right again is an Essie nail varnish in We Can Do It Pink, I bought this from Tk Maxx last year and think that this must be discontinued now however this colour looks a lot like their Fuji nail polish as it is a creamy colour with pink tones. I love wearing this with one finger in a brighter colour. Next I have another Maybelling Color Show in Power Red, which is a given for the summer. Everyone must own a red, I like to use bright reds rather than dull and again this looks amazing with a tan. I also love to wear this on my toes! The next is a Nails Inc product in the colour Hampton Court which is out of their Spring Summer collection . Unfortunately, I bought mine last year and they have changed the colour slightly but there is still an orange colour in the set. The last one is another buy from Tk Maxx and is the Nicole by O.P.I in the colour Strike A Pose, this is a bright pink. You will be able to find lots of different bright pinks in her collection I just happened to get this from Tk Maxx for cheap.

So that’s all the nail varnishes ive been loving for this summer/spring. What are your favourite colours? Leave a comment down below!







  • em has red nails

    The Models Own Grape Juice is so pretty, such a nice summery colour

    • Charlotte Samantha

      It really is a lovely colour you should check out the other colours they have in that range they are all gorgeous!

  • Amy Sugden

    My favourite colour here would have to be the Maybelline Colour Show – So So Fresh. I love mint green, it’s one of my favourite colours and always looks great in the spring! The first four you’ve shown I think are really pretty though, (and the second) but I just love pastel colours! 🙂 x

    • Charlotte Samantha

      I really am loving pastel colours on my nails recently! and for only £2.99 you cant really complain!

  • theycallmenestle

    Hello My lovely,
    Ive Nominated you for the Liebster Award, check it out here on my blog
    Let me know if you do it as id love to read your answers 🙂

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