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Christmas Movie Favorite #3

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If im totally honest here, I love ALL Christmas movies but some of them are my all time favs and of course I watch them lets just say a hand full of times between December the first and the end of new year. As I’m sat here writing this I have Elf on in the background, this at the moment is my all time favorite! I can play it in the background when im doing anything, weather im getting ready in the morning, or taking off my make-up at night I will have this playing in the background and get distracted of course. It just makes me smile so much and isn’t that what Christmas is all about? Just to let you into a little secret my favorite character is the whale, especially when he says ‘Bye Buddy I hope you find your dad!’ I crack up in hysterics every time.


We’ve also got The Grinch, which is such an easy watching movie. Another one that I can watch over and over again, the little girl is so cute in it, it makes me wanna scream. Then you’ve got the Grinch who hates Christmas but you can see deep down that really he loves Christmas! I don’t want to ruin it for any of you crazy people who haven’t watched The Grinch yet, I say yet because after you’ve read this your going to go and watch it aren’t you?!
The Polar Express, some may say this ones for the kids but haven’t we all got a little bit of kid in us! I know I do but maybe mines not just a little bit. If your looking for a feel good Christmas movie this is the one for you. Its one for all the family to sit down to on Christmas Eve with a big pile of sweets of course. Get the sound turned right up because the sound track for this is amazing.


Miracle on 34th street, a classic that will never get old. If its the old one or the new one I can sit down and watch this one. A little more on the sloppy side but such a cute film! If your a non believe you need to watch this you will be instantly converted to a Santa Claus believe.
Speaking of Santa Clause there is of course all three Santa Claus the movies which I love to watch back to back on those days when your just not feeling great. With a cup full of hot  chocolate, blankets and homemade gingerbread men. Another great one to watch with the kids, this will get everyone in the Christmassy spirit.
Why have I not mentioned Home Alone, this is up there on my Christmas movie list. Although I have to be truthful with you and tell you that I only really like the first one. I just tend to get a little bit bored after the first because it is so good I think the others are a let down. But who am I to say anything. If your not a huge lover of Christmas, I think this is a one for you as there isn’t too much Christmas festivity’s too it, although it is a Christmas film after all so you do have an odd bit but just not as much as the others Ive mentioned.

Some others I love are Jingle All The Way, Frozen, Scrooge and sooo many more! But I couldn’t possibly talk to you about them in this post without boring you!

Whats your favorite Christmas film? Let me know in the comments.





  • Sarah

    My favourite Christmas film has to be Elf. Nothing ever beats it! 🙂

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

  • Amanda

    I love the Polar Express. I watched it one Christmas and have been hooked ever since!

    Amanda / Amanda’s Escape

  • VV Nightingale

    I love really cheesy Christmas films to be honest, I’ve been watching loads on channel five and some of them are so bad!

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