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Current Favorite: Lips


A part from the dark, bold lips i’ve been loving lately, i’ve fallen for a nude colour, which has been constantly on my lips. So much so that it has replaced my long loving Mac Rebel in my handbag! Shock! I know. There are two products that Ive been loving using and they compliment each other so well.

The first is a Rimmel Lasting Finish lip liner in the colour tiramisu, which is a gorgeous dark nude colour (its almost brown). I have been outlining my lips in this then colouring them in which helps the lipstick to stay on all day. Don’t be worried about the darkness of the lip liner once it has been placed all over the lip as the lipstick which is applied over this really sets the look.

I then take the Loreal Collection Privee Nude line in the colour Eve and place this all over the lip. This creates a lovely nude lip which really does last for a few hours! The dark lip liner underneath really compliments the colour of the lipstick and gives a darker feel to the lip which we all know I love during the colder months. If your not wanting it to be as dark as I like it, you could just line the lips with this lip liner then blend it in when you apply the lipstick. This would also give a lovely effect but make sure you do blend the lip liner into the lipstick as it could look a tad silly.  Also if your wanting a glossy look you could apply a clear gloss over the top just so you don’t effect the colours.




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