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Five Tips To Staying Happy



If i’m not asleep I probably have some kind of smile on my face. I try to live a positive life, think about the good things that can come from things and try and make as many people around me smile. Of course we all have those times when all we want to do is crawl under the duvet and stay there for a life time. When I have these little spells, I like to think of positive things, how I’ll get out of my bad mood.

Rather than thinking about things negatively try think of things as positively as possible. Some things you just cant make positive, I understand that. But take from it what you can positively. 9/10 whatever it is that’s pulling you down is still going to happen if you don’t try and do something about it and look for something positive with it.

Stupid. I know. But some people just dont smile enough. If your walking down the street and somebody looks down just give them a little smile. Your not telling them you fancy them, or you wanna be there friend. Youre just simply saying ‘hi’, ‘hope your okay’. Fair enough if someone is charging towards you with what looks like a bat, their black hood covering their face, dont run up to them and give them a hug but it might be the simplest thing of a little old lady walking towards you with her rain cap on, a bread stick in her hand. Just think before you start judging the book by its cover.


Youve heard it time and time again. If you dont get enough sleep studies show that youre going to be tired, grouchy and this isnt going to make you happy. Netflixs, Instgram and Youtube are a unhealthy obsession of mine. Turning my phone off at night and keeping my Ipad  out of the room means I go to sleep a lot quicker and easier. Try it, just for one night. See if you feel any better in the morning.

You dont have to be some kind of fitness fanatic but eating takeaway after takeaway is something thats going to eventually bring you down. Treats are something that I love to have. Every week I have something that I wouldnt eat everyday just so that it makes me feel good about eating healthy. I look forward to my weekend treat which keeps me happy.

5.Live Every Day Like Its Your Last
This is one of my favourite quotes. Its something I live by daily. Thinking about this positive quote when Im feeling a little bit down helps me to cheer up. We should live every day to the best of its ability. If its a lazy day spent in doors enjoy it! If your out and about do things that would make you happy! If its a chore that has to be done, then reward it by doing something that you love to do after.



What makes you happy? Let me know, it may help another reader!




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