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Alphabetical Date Game


Alex came up with the idea that every two weeks we would have a date night and each one had to begin with a letter of the alphabet. So the first one A then B and so on and so on. I think you get my gist. We normally plan to have a date night but then just end up sitting in the house so this way we thought it would make us get up and go.
We havent yet come up with all our ideas but hopefully soon we will have a sheet full of ideas.

In no way do you need lots of money for this. I think sometimes the things you do on a budget can be the better things. Some things we do are going to be more for Alex and some more for me, but you just have to enjoy what your partners enjoying. This could be as simple as cuddling up under the duvet and spending all day watching moves with your fav takeaway on the night. Or a romantic stroll along the beach. ANYTHING as long as it starts with the letter of that week. I cant wait until we eventually get this sorted and start out date nights! Of course I will be posting all about it on a blog post and on all my social media sites!

Whats your favourite thing to do on a date night? Or time spent with your friends? Let me know, I may steal some of your ideas



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