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Changes // New Year 2016

With the whole new year resolutions floating around the internet I thought I would put my spin on it and as last year have goals rather than resolutions. If I had to follow each and everyone down to the ground I would have quit by the end of january. So by having goals I know that this time next year as a read through the goals I set myself I can see what i have and haven’t achieved. Hopefully its all been achieved. But it means i dont put too much pressure on myself to achieve them all straight away. I have a full year to tick each and everyone off. I kind of have sub titles with a few different things that I want to achieve  underneath them. Honestly this post would go on and on if I really sat down and thought about everything that I wanted to get out of 2016. I will be doing little updates every so often on how I am getting on with my goals, ones I have achieved of even new ones that I have added through out the year.

Look After Yourself

This one is very important for me. I have too many times got myself down in the dumps from just  neglating myself. I aim this year to take a little bit of time out of every week to look after myself. This one includes many different things from getting into a proper pamper routine. I always find after a long pamper night I feel 100%  better about myself then nights when I have slogged in front of the computer then throw myself straight into bed. But this also includes the whole fitness journey I am throwing myself into, if you follow me on Twitter then you may have seen some of my goals for this year. I am hoping to start Lean in 15. It may not happen straight away in January as planned, but hopefully by February I will be getting my act together and starting the 90 day plan. But from now until then Ill be following  a much healthier lifestyle and going to the gym at least three times a week. I know everyone is on the health kick from the start of january but this is more about making myself feel better about who I am, rather than getting to a goal weight.

Do More Of What You Love

I’m a sucker for not being able to say no to things I hate but Im even worse at saying yes to things that I love. Working full time it is really hard to take the time out to do the things that you really love. Because one of the days you have off tends to be catching up on sleep and all the other errands that you have to fit in to make sure your not completely bogged down whilst at work. I find this really hard. I put so much pressure on myself to complete every task in hand that I end up running myself into the ground. This year I want to make a bid to take time out of those everyday life tasks and do more of the things I love. Even if that is giving myself an hour to take blog photos, or spending time with family and friends that I haven’t seen in such a long time. I need to make the time for the people and things I love that little bit more. I also want to get into reading again, I have started since christmas getting into bed half an hour earlier and reading, it winds me down a little for getting into a proper sleep and is just something I love to do. If you have any suggestions of books please leave them below! Blogging is another thing that I want to spend a lot more time doing, some of you may have noticed that I didn’t really blog at all during December due to having so much on. But this year I want to take time out of the ‘so much on’ to actually do what makes me happy.

Take Of The Pressure

This one kind of co insides with the last one in that I force myself to take on too much. I have a list in my head of things that I must get done and if I dont get them down I beat myself up about it. I want to try and focus on the important things rather than little things like tidying out the sock draw. Although I will be spending one day at the start of this year sorting all my cupboards out and throwing away anything I feel I have been hoarding rather than keeping for use. Hopefully this will make me a little happier on the inside as well as out.







  • Hayley

    These are some really important resolutions. Like you, I am so bad at saying no to things. But I need to get better at it if I’m going to clear myself some time out for myself.
    Water Painted Dreams

  • Charlotte

    Doing what you love is so important!
    Charlotte //

  • Cherry

    These are some great resolutions, good luck with them!

  • Mel

    I need to look after myself a bit more too, maybe I should use that resolution for myself!

    Lilies and Lipbalm

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