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Nailed it: Summer Edit #2

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A little different from the last nail post in that this one is a bright shade, as much as I love my white nails at the moment there is something fun about having a bright colour on my nails and lets face it if there is ever a time to put a bright colour on your nails its the summer. So i popped open my nail varnish draw and started hunting until I found the perfect colour. Thats when I came across this mini O.P.I colour which I got in a little kit at the airport last year. I love getting mini colours like this because lets face it how many times have you used a whole nail varnish pot before having to throw it out because it has become sticky and gross!? Thats one thing that frustrated me about nail varnish, all the gorgeous colours and amazing makes are all so damn expensive, I am still yet to use a full pot of varnish so find it impossible to buy an expensive one because I just can’t use it all! Back to the colour, shall we. Oh thats where I hit another issue this nail varnish doesn’t have a name on it. Another thing that really frustrates me! I think the number I can see on the bottom relates to the colour although its a long number so I can’t be sure but its NLH43 for anyone interested, I hope that helps!

A gorgeous pinky/orange amazing colour! Literally perfect for the summer and so easy to wear with so many different outfits. I have had this on since the beginning of the week and I am yet to see any chips so I am pretty happy with that. Which could be a combination of the nail varnish and the top coat I used which was Seche Vite, ahhh-mazing. What colour have you been loving recently?





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