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Inglot: Autumn Palette


IMG_2987 IMG_2985 IMG_2975There has been so many times where I have found myself on the Inglot website making lots of different palettes and just hoping that one day I would press the confirm button and the palette would be on its way to me. But it got even better, when I was last down in London I visited the Westfield Shopping Centre which had its very own Inglot store. I was in my own little world as soon as I entered the store, if you have never seen an Inglot palette basically you get to build it all yourself, it goes for any kind of makeup. If its eye shadow, blush, foundation, concealer. I mean anything and it all fits into one of their freedom palettes that comes in an array of sizes depending what and how many you are wanting. The girls in there were lovely super friendly and really wanted to help me, which made me feel really comfortable. Once I had decided on my colours the girl put them on a tray for me and picked out all the ones from the draws underneath. She put them through the till and it was as easy as that. I loved every minute of the experience, I didn’t feel like I sometimes can in other make up stores.

Now onto the palette that I got. I went for the Freedom System Palette No5, which has five spaces for eye shadows, you will find with all the palettes there are four magnetic strips on each corner of the palette and that is how it closes. I love the idea behind this and think it makes looking at the colours you have and actually choosing this palette over all the others that it may be lying with a lot easier.


If you know me at all you will know my love for the Autumn/Winter months, with that in mind I started happily picking all the gorgeous autumn shades. I’m going to be one of the worst bloggers now and shamefully admit that I have no clue what numbers I picked up as I threw the boxes out and thought I would be able to find them online. But nope, Ill let you know that there are about 3/4 of the same colour but just in slightly different shades. So I am only going to be able to explain the shades to you and hope for the best. The first I got was a gorgeous mustard shade, with a gorgeous golden glitter running through it, next is a bronzey/golden shade which looks amazing for a dramatic look. Then I got a dark, olive green again with the glitter running through it. I then went for a chestnut brown, just so that I could really make a warm look with this palette and the last colour is a gorgeous rust which is a matte shade. I will link colour that they may be or are similar too it. All are so true to the colour that is the pan, as you can see by the swatch photo they are super pigmented. I’m literally so excited to get a real autumnal outfit on and pop on some of these shades. Ive never been so pleased with how an eye shadow palette looks in my whole life! Ill definitely be back in the Inglot store and make up a few different palettes with different looks in, maybe one for Christmas, its only just round the corner.






  • Kristy

    I’ve always loved the look of these Inglot palettes but did not realise there was a store too! I definitely need to check it out at some point.

    Kristy |

  • Emmys Beauty Cave

    This palette is stunning! I need to visit London again just for the Inglot store! x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave | My YouTube

    • Charlotte Samantha

      Its such an amazing store! I was in it for soo long trying ti decide xo

  • Floortje

    Ooooh, these shades are gorgeous! I’d love to make a palette with Inglot one day, but it is rather pricey… Although it is way better than a MAC palette, so who am I kidding. I probably will make a palette one day 😀

    • Charlotte Samantha

      I didnt think it was too bad! This cost me £30, which for a good palette isnt too crazy xx

  • Emma McMullen

    this palette is beautiful, the colours all complement each other perfectly!
    *heart eyes*

    emma |

  • veebz

    oooo this looks so amazing! It’s got such lovely warm tones, but they’re so unique at the same time too.

  • Charlee

    Fab post hun, I really want to try Ingot as I have never purchased from them before. I love the look of this palette and I agree these are gorgeous Autumn shades 🙂 I love that you can customise the palettes also to choose the shades you want 🙂

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

  • mihaela

    you have such an amazing blog! and you can check out my giveaway if you’re interested!;D


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