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Valentines my way


Im not a huge believer of valentines day, but any day that means I get to spend the whole day with Alex is for me. We dont tend to buy each others gifts but our Anniversary is two days later so we tend to buy gifts for then. Rather than going out and doing things that everyone tends to do. We stay in, do things that we both want to do and enjoy the day spent together. To be honest I hate all of the valentines gifts that come out like the bears etc. But Ill be honest with you some of the home stuff can be nice!

The first thing that has to happen is breakfast in bed, weather it is a nice big fry up or just some fruit and pastry. I love breakfast in bed, with the tv on or our favourite movie. Obviously your not going to move out of your pjs all day but putting on clean ones is acceptable. Pop your favourite valentines bath bomb in the bath and have a nice relaxing lie down whilst reading your book. Now you feel refreshed, its time to get into your new clean pjs. My favourite part of the day!

Its time to watch another movie, get lots and lots of chocolate and enjoy watching the movie snuggles under the cover. Once the movie is finished, we have to walk the dog. So on goes the comfy leggings and a nice big jacket to walk the dog. If im honest I like that Ive got to get out the house. I think it can get stuffy and make you feel a little bit controlled if you are stuck in the house all day. For lunch cook up your favourite soup, this will warm you up after your long dog walk. And not get you too full for the three course meal that you cook together on the night.  Now its your free time, do things you may not want to do together. I like to paint my nails whilst Alex is playing on some kind of football game of course!

When it comes to the night, you have to cook the meal together. This way its fun, you get in each others way and shout at each other. But a full day of being nice to each other would be too much! Once youve devoured your meal, snuggle back up. Its a day of watching lots of movies and eating lots of sweets!


How do you like to spend valentines day?




  • Amanda

    Sounds like a lovely Valentines Day. A real foody, snuggly and cute day x

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