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Current Favourite: Blush

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Often I have my favorite something or other that I’m always reaching for, I thought id show you what that something is right now. To be honest with you, theres never a time when im not loving anything! More often than not ill be reaching for the same product over and over again, then ill find something new but always go back to that thing that Im loving at some point. For about the last week or so ive been reaching for the same blusher every morning when im doing my make-up. It’s a real Autumn colour. Rockateur.

The packaging is amazing on this particular blush, although im not a huge fan of them being a cardboard box but only because in the past when ive put these boxes in my make-up bag and have traveled they have smashed, which makes me very very sad. Although I love the colours and the typography used on this particular blush. It really suits its name and gives it more of a grungy style. The Smell. Oh my! Benefit blushes have one of the most amazing smells ever! It kinda like a fresh perfum smell, which im not normally a fan of, but this is just something else. If your sat right now and thinking what on earth is she talking about?! get yourself to a Benefit stand and have a good sniff! Youll be shocked! Now to the actuall product, the blusher itself is a gorgeous dark mink with gold running through it. The sparkle is very subtle but you can defintily tell its there. This colour is really buildable, if youre after something subtle then only apply a small amount but if youre after something that really sets your look with a pop of colour apply a few applications of it. The packaging, the smell, the colour everything adds up and creates the most amazing blusher for the Autumn.

What do you think of Rockateur?




  • rachel

    this blush looks gorgeous, love the shade of it! x

  • Blog by Linni

    The color looks fab!

  • Emily Knott

    I have been lusting after this blusher for a while now, but I’m trying to resist temptation as I own so many blushers already! It’s so pretty though…. must resist!

  • Looks a lovely colour perfect for the autumn/winter! x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

  • rachel

    This looks beautiful. I know a lot of people love this blusher! Christmas wishlist!

  • Charlotte Price

    Completely agree with everything you pointed out there. I love how you can get the colour to be really subtle as well as a bit more vibrant and powerful. I loved this review, would love to see more. Love your posts!<3

    Love Charlotte xxx

  • Angelica

    I used to be obsessed with Benefit’s blushes, I used to wear 10 (which I think has been discontinued now) allll the time and I actually finished 2 of them which seems almost unthinkable now. I love the look of Rockateur, the colour is just gorgeous. Xx

    One Little Vice – UK Beauty Blog

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