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October Favorites


Nothing much has changed since last months favorites, even more so in the beauty department. A few little things keep making an appearance in my daily make-up but nothing drastic. There are a few odd bits that I have been loving this month which I think I have to share with you. Just so you can catch up!

Fluffy socks are high in my this months loves list. As soon as a walk through the door my fluffy socks have been going straight on. I was never a fluffy sock kinda gal but then something just clicked and I cant get them off my feet. Theres just something about the comfyness of them that I am just drawn too.My Week view planner is something that I have been heavy reliant on this month. So much so that its helped me plan blog posts up until Christmas! I have found this so helpful, its made it so much easier too see when I need to schedule certain blog posts and which blog posts need to be drafted. I picked mine up in Wilkinsons for something silly as 75p! Its definitely something ill always use now.

One of the couple of beauty things I have been loving that wasnt mentioned last month is my Charlotte Tilbury The Vintage vamp palette. This is the perfect palette for the Autumn/Winter with various different looks to be made from it! Keep an eye out for my review going up very soon! Ive also been loving my Mac Rebel lipstick, this was mentioned in my Autumn Lips post. I just love the dark colour for the autumn! Check out my Autumn Lips post here. My fragrance of the months is Chanel Chance. Ive had this a little while now but only this month have a been reaching for it most days. Its such a gorgeous fresh scent that lasts all day!










  • Gracey O'Connell

    That Charlotte Tilbury quad is absolutely stunning… it’s going on top of my Christmas list for definite! x

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