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Review: House M.D


I’ve never been a huge T.V person but since Alex got Netflixs I’ve been non stop looking for things I can binge watch. OR movies that I can watch, maybe two, three times before finally I have to give in and look for something else. Ive had Love Film and NowTv but nothing seems as good as Netflixs. Another positive, I get to watch it off Alexs account which means I pay nothing to watch everything I want, to be honest with you a small £6.99 wouldnt effect me much. I love that you get to add 4 people to your account which means you could split the bill across four meaning you would really only have to pay 1.74, which lets get real sister I think we can do that. And with thousands of different Tv series and movies to watch we can sit for hours occupied. Its not great for the work that has to get done, but if you allow yourself so much time of series and then so much time of work, everyone’s happy! Right? If you’ve never tried Netflixs they offer a month trial period which is great because you get to watch things for free before you decided if it is worth you buying it monthly.

House M.D is the series Ive been hooked on over there holidays. Not my usual show I must admit, Im normally a Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars kind of girl. There was something about this that drew me in. Let me set the scene. Its set in a hospital in America, where the lead role, a doctor has a bad leg which has lead him to become addicted to pain relief. He of course is Doctor House. House has three doctors working for him which are all specialized in different things, each episode a new patient comes into the hospital and the four of them work hard to find out what is wrong with the patients. Although each episode is different with a new patient the story of the doctors all fits together. Its gripping, a little scary (I know, I need to start watching things a little more scary) and it really does get you sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for the next one! The great thing is you dont have to wait you can click onto the next one and bam youve got yourself another episode.

Whats your favourite Tv show to watch? Let me know in the comments so I can become addicted too!




  • VV Nightingale

    I’d love to use Netflix, just the price puts me off haha. I love Castle, it’s good if you like a murder mystery!

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