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DSCF0946After lusting after the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette I finally splurged and bought it! I have never been so excited about buying something and getting home to try it out, in fact when I got home I took off my eye make-up and tried lots of different look. Im totally not ashamed, as I think this is one of the nicest spring/summer palettes ive ever seen.

DSCF0947This is what the palette looks like inside, gorgeous! It goes from some gorgeous light colours turning into some great transition colours and then to the dark colours which look amazing! A few of my person favourites so far are Buzz, Liar and Blackheart.




DSCF0950Here is a clos up of the light colours within the palette and the colours on my arm, the camera did not pick up the colours great but you get to see how pigmented the shadows are.


DSCF0951And the darker side of the palette, again with the shadows on my arm underneath.

Ive found this palette amazing for the spring and I think ill use it even more in the summer. The palette is a bit on the pricey side but for soo many shadows how could anyone complain! I have found that with some of the more glittery shadows there is fall out but I just hold a piece of cotton wool under my eye while applying these ones and no harm is done. I own the first and third palette now and will no doubt be purchasing the second one soon, I just love them so much!

If you would like to see some make-up looks with this palette just drop me a comment down below and if you have this palette let me know which colours are you favourite!







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