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Now we are all finished letting you all into my little secrets at how I get myself ready for the summer I thought it was about time I started to show you what I take etc when I go on my summer holibobs. With 7 small weeks to go till im  jetting off to Turkey for a relaxing week in the sun with Alex I have started to get all my stuff together. I am a list person and always will be, from the minute my holiday was booked I had my notebook out and the lists started. One of the first things that I like to make my lists on is my beach/pool bag. When i’m on holiday my favourite thing to do bar shopping in the local make-up stores is to lie on a sun bed and take in as much rays as I can whilst reading this summers book.

As my Summer series I thought I could take this chance to show you what I like to keep in my beach/pool bag although some things I don’t have yet due to waiting until I can find a better offer in the shops. But I can still explain what of them I like to add.

DSCF0969Above you can see the bag that I took with me last year when we went to Turkey, I have not yet seen a bag that I want as my beach bag this year so you will have to put up with last years for now. The bag is actually from Primark and I think it was only around £9 which I think it a bargain for a beach bag! It has a small hand handle and the long strap if you need it. I loved the look of this bag last year with the woven look and also loved the size. It kept everything in that I needed!

The stripy towel I have on top was also from Primark and was around £3, I get a new one each year when I go away and this is also last years as I haven’t yet done my Primark Summer shop! be prepared to see a haul soon!

DSCF0973One of the first things I make sure I pack into my beach bag is my sun cream, I love using a once a day sun cream as I just find it a lot easier although I do actually apply it more than once a day just as I don’t feel like once a day is really enough. I always start with a 30 when I go on holiday and gradually work my way down to a 10 once I have started to get a tan.

The next most important thing for me is my entertainment, first I always like to have two books with me just incase I cant get into one of them I have a back up, these are the two books im going to take away with me this year and I really cant wait to get into them! I also like to take my I-pod as sometime when I need a sleep by the pool I like to plug this in and block out all of the other noises around me. My phone is another must have, I cant go anywhere without it and seen as though my hotel has free wifi it is a definite must! Go follow me on instagram:charlottesamanthaox

I also like to carry a cover up in my beach bag just for when we head for an ice cream I can get a little bit covered up. Another is my flip flops, I have Havianas and I love them!

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In my little cosmetics bag I carry hair bobbles, grips, hair band, lip balm and hand sanitizer for just incase moments! I also carry my small hair brush for when I have been in the pool and my hair I ready for a brush.

Sunglasses are also a must when abroad as you need something to cover up those eyes! I have a pair from hnm but am hoping to get myself a nice new pair in the airport.

The last thing I like to carry with me is my purse, although we go on all inclusive holidays, I always like to have money on me just incase we decided to venture out of the hotel complex and I see something that I just must have!

So now you know what I keep in my beach bag let me know what you keep in yours in the comments down below!




  • Lou Francesca

    I always take so many pairs of sunglasses with me on holiday, I’m addicted to buying them ha


    • Charlotte Samantha

      I normally end up buying a pair in the airport or once I am on my holidays! But this year I have seen so many nice pairs in the shop I might have to buy a few pairs before I go too!

  • nicole

    lovely blog post, I really like the bag xx

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