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Autumn Lips


Yesterdays post was all about my Autumn nails, as I was going to put one post up a week all about what I love during the Autumn I thought why not use this week to show you all the make-up bits that I love to use. I know I know, I hear you all shout its Thursday already! Its the end of the week, but you know what I dont care because by the beginning of next week you will have all seen my Autumn Make-up loves. In tonights Autumn post ive decided to share with you my top lipsticks that i wear during this season, of course they have got a lot darker but theres still a nude in there that I like to use when im not feeling bold enough for a darker lip. When im doing my make-up, I alwasy reach for my lip draw first so I can decide if its going to be a bold day or a neutral day which then helps me decide if I need to make my eyes darker etc. For me lips really set the look of your make-up and outfit really.But sometime your just not really in the mood to wear a bold lip and thats when the trusty nudes come into place.

DSCF1501 DSCF1498 DSCF1496

Bourjois Rouge Edition in Violine Stress is the first swatch you can see, its the darkest out of them all and is a deep plum. Plums are my favorite to wear in the Autumn because I think it really express the cold, dark season that we are in. I love how glossy this one is and gold flecks it has running through it. Its a gorgeous one for the party season when you want to wear a darker lip but add some sparkle into it too.

Mac’s Rebel is one im sure we have all got in our make-up collection, if you dont you really need to add it to your list! This is simmilar to the Bourjois lipstick however this one is a more pigmented than the other as it doesnt have the gold shimmer running through it which creates the glossy effect. I love this one when im really wanting a bold lip as it holds its colour really well. Another thing I like to do with this one is to create a sort of gradiant effect as the colour is so build-able. I do this by applying a small amount on the corners of my lips and then as I work in apply more and more of the lipstick. Another amazing this about this lipstick is that if you are just starting out in make-up and are maybe feeling a little bit shy of going straight in with this bold colour you can apply a small amount to a lip brush or your finger and then just place it on yours lips. This way your not getting the boldness and you can build it until you are happy.

This one is the palest out of all these lipsticks and its Mac’s Syrup, Ive never really heard that many people talk about it but it is my perfect everyday colour. Its a glossy lipstick which I love for everyday, theres nothing much to say it is just my lovelovelove!

Next on the swatches you can see Rimmel Kate Moss 107, we have all heard of this one and no doubt got it! Again this is a dark plum colour which can be built up. Ive included this one though as it is a little more on the redy/purply side than the other plum colours I have included. It creates a total different look and isnt as dark and powerfull as the other. When im feeling girly but still want a bold lip this is the one I grab.

This is also a Rimmel Kate Moss but this time its 01, this is totally different from all the others I have talked to you about and this is a darkdark red. I think its the darkest I own actually! Again I love this because its nothing like anything else ive got, it has good staying power (which I often struggle to find in lipsticks) and also can be built to create the look your after!

Last but certainly not least is the newest lipstick in my draw ands its the Loreal Collection Exclusive Eva’s Pure Red. Ive got a few from the nudes collection Loreal did and I loved them so when I saw these I had to pick one up. I was totally drawn to this one as it is almost a browny red, which again is nothing like what I have got. The smell of this is amazzzing! The lasting power is crazy too, along with the pigmentation! I think this may be my favorite of the season! But we will have to wait and see.

Whats your favorite lipstick for Autumn? Let me know in the comments!



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