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Winter Must Haves


Its coming to that time of year when all you wanna do is put on some comfy pjs, get yourself a hot drink and sit infront of the tv watching movie after movie whilst eating lots of chocolate. So what better time is it for me to show you the things that are a must in the winter.

Dark Lips
During the colder, darker period I love to set my face with a dark lip. As you know from previous post you will know that my favorite is Mac’s Rebel which I have loved for two years now. But its still a lip colour that comes out every Autumn/Winter. I also love darker reds but of course with christmas comes parties which means bright reds and sparkless!

Gingerbread anything. Literally, anything. I love this gorgeous spicy taste, biscuits, teas, coffee. I love it. Every week I will probably make something different with gingerbread in purely because its my favorite! I also love cinnamon during the colder months, atm Curiously Cinnamon is everything.

Fluffy Socks
As it gets colder and colder of course my fluffy socks come out. Each year I head over to primark and but a few packs of their fluffy socks. I love the colours they do and how cheap they are compared to other places! I prefer to wear fluffy socks than slippers as I cant keep them on my feet, I know I sound like a child when I say that but honest they just fall off. Whereas fluffy socks stay on no matter what and really keep my feet nice and warm.

As you know I love lighting candles when the nights get draker quicker, it makes the room feel so cozy. I like scents that are more spicy and warming rather than fruity and floral.

Heavy Coverage
I like to have a heavier coverage when the party season starts, just to make myself feel a little more special. My favorite at the moment is Estee Lauder Double Wear as it stays on for soso long and literally looks flawless. AMAZING!

Bubble Baths
To create an amazing bath ive been loving Bubble Bars from lush, they smell incredible and the bubbles they make are insane! Of course winter isnt here until bubble baths are happening!




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