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Summer Saviours


Im a little bit late on the game of getting my bod ready for the summer but when your stuck in the Uk with nowhere else to go there’s no real hurry. Although I know it does make you feel a lot better when you actually bother with yourself. It suddenly hit me the other day that I hadn’t really put much on my blog about Summer and how to get yourself ready for either going on your summer holiday or just being ready to bare the cold and get your legs out in the Uk. It will be the latter for me, with no plans of going away this year and early saving up for a couple of trips I’m wanting to go on next year. Especially with my 21st in mind! When it comes to the Summer I do tend to change up the products that I use, I mean lets face it who shaves their legs in the winter?! That was a joke, kinda.


The very first thing I like to do to get prepared for the summer is to shave all necessary parts of my body, you’ve got all your regular places that should be kept shaven armpits etc. Notice how I did say ‘should’ just because it should doesn’t mean its always true, am I right ladies? Am I right? We all have those moments where all we wanna do is get washed and get out the bath to get into bed. At least i’m keeping up with part of my hygiene by washing! Enough of my ranting, my favourite shaver is by Gillette. I have ┬átried many different ones and even tried the ones where you just buy new heads for them but I just don’t like any as much as this one here. One things I really like about this is the moisture that it has in the head of the razor, I find this really helps too keep my legs smooth when I shave them and makes sure no little cuts occur. Cause those little cuts may be little but they dont half sting! Next thing for me is to exfoliate, many people may say they exfoliate before they shave but I just like to do it after. I feel like I’m working from a clean slate and can really get rid of those old parts of skin that just need to go. Ive loving using a My Little Beauty scrub that I recently got in one of my subscription boxes. I only do this around once/twice a week as I don’t want to over scrub at my body. Especially since i can get eczema which gets very sore and itchy if I use it anymore than that. For me one of the most important steps it to moisturise, I have many different ones that I like to use and tend to go for a thicker one before I go to bed such as my Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. I use this on the really very dry parts of my skin, knees, elbows etc. This really sinks into the base of the skin and helps to keep them hydrated. I then use E45 on the rest of my body as this tends to soothe any itches or soreness that I have from my eczema. Once this has all settled I like to use something that has a scent to it in the morning, to be honest I don’t like anything too thick as this is the point when Ill be getting my clothes on and nobody like that awful sticky feeling it creates.


A tan for me is totally impossible when leaving in the Uk, so fake tan is a must if I don’t want to look pasty. Some girls can really pull off pale skin but I just don’t think it suits me. One of my favourite tans to use is the St. Tropez, I like to use the gradual one as this tends to build a nice tan without going too patchy or looking orange. Ive been finding some great deals on this tan in Tk Maxx, which soon you will find out to be one of my favourite shops, I am literally buying everything from there at the moment! With a tan in mind and I know that sometimes the sun does get out in the Uk, sun screen is very important. Your probably looking at the photo and thinking, ‘ you’re taking it a little bit too far with a factor 50 in the Uk’. But what I guess not many of you will know is that I had a cist removed from my face last year, I know a little TMI but you can deal with it for just a few more lines. I went into surgery which means I know how a nice little scare on my left cheek, because of this I was advised to use a high protectant on my scar which would just allow it to heal properly. So I don’t take any chances of it expanding or getting any bigger I like to use a 50. It just puts my mind at ease, it is on my face after all! One last thing, if anybody would like to know any more info on the op I had or what the cist was like let me know. You can email me if you have any questions that you don’t want to put in the comments.


The last thing I want to really stress for the summer is to drink lots and lots of water. I know too well that without drinking enough water in the heat can totally dehydrated your body, it wont only make you unwell but it can also damage how your skin is. So if your having a good skin day don’t ruin it by not drinking enough water, I know I’ve made that mistake year after year but I have finally learnt my lesson and like to keep a bottle of water on me at all times. What are your summer saviours?






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