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Clinique Colour Pop

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When I was looking through Instagram and Twitter a few weeks back I couldn’t help but notice all the these fun, colourful looking lipsticks that where showing up everywhere. When I realised that they where by Clinique I was super surprised. From a young age my mam has always used Clinique its one of her favourite brands, which convinced me growing up that this was for older people. I know, I know I am completely wrong and have actually turned to actually love everything that Clinique does but I have always seen it is a quite a plain brand with not much colour to there packaging etc. But this well, my  eye lit up with heart signs straight away. I was in my element looking through all the photos. I decided that I would pick one up, I went for a pretty nude colour with a purpler/brown tint which if you know me I am loving at the moment. It is in the shade  Plum Pop. How fun are the names, I love that all the names end with Pop as I think it is just so cute and quirky! At the price of £16 I dont think that is too bad for a high end lipstick.

Packaging of course first of all, I lovelovelove that it shows the colour at the bottom of the lipstick. I imagine getting one of the archly storage boxes from Muji, getting all of the shades in this lipstick and putting them on show! How fab would that look. It is a plan of mine, one day girls one day. I love how true it is too the colour of the lipstick too, this makes it so much easier to pick out the shade that you are wanting rather than having to take the lids off or looking at the names of these. The silver metal lid is also very pleasing to the eye although you can see finger prints on this once you have been playing around with it for a little while and let me tell you this was such hard work to photograph. I am sure other bloggers out there feel my pain with this. I really need to get some lights for when Im taking photos of things like this product. All in all though I really do love the packaging!

The important part of course is the product itself, Clinique claim that the lipstick is a lip colour and primer. Which madeIMG_2439 me think that this would be smoothing on the lips and wouldn’t leak onto the skin, Clinque are not wrong. I love how smooth this is too apply and the colour literally stays on for a good few hours which is always a plus in my view. If I dont have to apply it every half an hour than it goes into the golden draw! I wish I had a golden draw but that would mean having sooo many more make-up products than I have. Another one day for you girlies who feel me. I also love that this lipstick has no scent, dont get me wrong I could eat a Mac lipstick because it smells so good, but sometimes you can get them smelling a little like plastic which totally puts me off. I would definitely be giving this a 10/10 all round, I love the packaging and the product itself so much so that I have added a few of there other shades to my birthday list!!





  • Emmys Beauty Cave

    This shade is stunning! I need this asap! haha x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  • Nati (@Artdicted2)

    Wow, such a gorgeous color!
    Nati xx

  • Fab post hun, my mom is the same for as long as I can remember she has always used Clinique which had me thinking it was for older people also hehe. I love the packaging of the lipsticks specially as it shows the colour of the lipstick on the packaging it makes life so much easier, and I really love the sound of this lipstick and definitely gonna be on the look out next time I’m in Debenhams 🙂

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

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