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Spring Must Have’s

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With Spring in our step I thought it was only right to talk all things Spring. There are some things that make an appearance this time of the year and for me these are things that I tend to see each year. Of course with a little variation, but the colours, patterns etc are pretty similar. The first thing you will notice when you a)look at the photos attached to this and b) actually start reading is that things that have colour in slowly start to make there way into my life. Out with the black and white and in with the colour. Any of you the same as me with this?

Let me get back on track with this post and actually start to shard with you my Spring Must Haves. As I have said earlier for me Spring means colour this is in a variety of different ways for me, first off of course is in my clothes I get rid of all the black dresses and jumper and out come the floral print, colourful items of clothing. I do however live in the UK so those vests and shorts so need to stay a little further to the back of the wardrobe until it actually decided to get a little bit more sunnier or of course I’m heading somewhere abroad where the sun shines a lot. Accessories are another thing for me that starts to get colour, I love anything with blues, greens. If you haven’t guessed I like colour for Spring! While where on the thinking of accessories the next thing for me which is a must and you have to have lots of different types is sunglasses. I know I said I live in the UK and we don’t really see much sun, however we do get this lovely glare. Its the kinda thing that makes you squint causing gorgeous lines on your forehead and a headache that will last for days, thats where the un glasses jump in, as well of course for those days that we do see the odd 5 minutes of sun.

Fragrance is another big for me, I like to smell fresh and summery and just ahhh. Im not saying in the winter I like to smell horrible, but when it comes to Spring I like something a little more fresh smelling. Something that makes you think of Spring when you smell it, for me Daisy by Marc Jacobs is a biggy another that Im loving right now is Roses De Chloe, have you smelt that? Oh my! It is the nicest smelling perfume ever, I mean ever. If I could afford to shower in it I would, but this girl aint made of money.

My face is where it next comes into place, on the same line as colour I like things to start to brighten up. Coral lipsticks and bright eyeshadows, some days it may just be a hint of a nude tone no the lids with a bright pop on the lips or it may be a bright bold eye with a gorgeous nude on the lips. But its time we put away the dark purples and bring out the brights and pastels. It gets me so excited just thinking about it, imagine what happens when I actually get my hands on the stuff. Im not going to lie to you, it can be disastrous and can often end in me having a huge paddy with myself because the look I was going for isn’t the clown that I have ended up looking like. Don’t laugh, this is serious.

Books is another thing that changes, this might seem strange but in the winter and darker months I like to read things that are a little more chilling, that may leave me not wanting to go to sleep but in Spring my taste in books tends to change and I like things a little more light hearted, little love stories and things that make me smile. For me again the colour of the cover of the book says it all. I really do think I have a little bit of an issue when it comes to colour in the Spring, I think I go so long without it that it finally gets to that stage where I just want to be happy and colour is certainly something that puts a smile on my face. I know if you’ve read one of my recent posts where I told you that my favourite colour was white then you’ll be thinking this girl is a lier. But just hold it there. White is my favourite colour because it is so fresh and pure and just ahhmazing. However, I like to inject colour into my ever so black and white world, so the colour takes over from the black you see.





  • Victoria Nightingale

    I use Daisy all year round – but it’s so nice to use especially in the spring as it suits the season so well!

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