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Spring: Blushers

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Now the sun is starting to make an appearance, well lets face it I can see it behind the clouds. I am in England you know! I feel its about time that I finally start to change up bits of my make-up to fit with the new season. I love it when the seasons start to change it means I can either buy new bits of make-up or get bits out that I have bought with the plans of using them in that new season. If you’re a make-up junky like me you’ll understand. First thing I have started to change is my blusher. In the spring I like to get brighter colours, or pale colours that make me look a little more natural. Its time to put the darker colours at the back of the draw and pull out the fun bright ones.

The first I had to pick when choosing the few that I really loved for Spring was Benefits Coralista, its one of those blushers that comes out every Spring. This amazing coral/pink toned colour is amazing, with its gold flecks hidden behind the colour. This is one of the ones I reach for the most, I feel with this you can build up the colour too look bright, or you can apply it subtly to have a hidden pop off colour. Similar to Nars Orgasm, another that I absolutely love and I’m sure you have all heard of. This one is a lot more pinked toned and has a lot more a golden shimmer to it rather than a hidden gold colour. I love this when I really want to make a statement, although you can really just add this to the top parts of your cheeks for a more hidden pop of colour. The brightest in these picks is this Topshop Creme Blush in Morning Dew, this is a one for the days when I really want to make a statement with my blusher. Its not one which can be toned down but looks amazing with a simple eye look and a nice bright pink on the lips. The creme finish of it really sets the look and makes it look a lot more fresh and spring like.

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For the more subtle ones we have this amazing Kiko Blush in a mosaic finish, this really allows all the colours to blend together, giving a more softer finish. I love this for the days when I’m not really looking for much of a make-up look. More for those days when I’m staying in the house but still want to feel nice about myself, I know applying make-up shouldn’t make you feel nice about yourself but it really does. The last one is this new one from Max Factor, its a very shimmery blush giving you that sparkling glow that you really need in the Spring. My favourite part of this blush is the glow it gives your cheeks, I don’t tend to put highlighter on with this one which I like because I think highlighter can sometimes look a little too fake if applied incorrectly. With this it make it easy to give you that fresh look, I have mine in Seductive Pink which is a really dull pink, another amazing one for those days when I don’t want that bright pop of colour and want to do a little extra with my eyes or lips.


What kind of coloured blushes do you like to wear in the Spring?




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