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I’m a bag girl. If you showed me a bag or a piece of clothing I would go for the bag every time. I’ve been scanning the internet for a new bag for a while when I came across this amazing website! Skinny Bags. Two reasons I love this brand name, 1. ‘skinny’ if I could be anything I would be skinny, 2. I LOVE bags.The company was launched in 2013 in America, during LA Fashion Week by a couple with a love for fashion. All bags are made with a high quality leather which of course makes the price tag a little more on the pricey side but for those who love bags as much as me, this wont bother you if you are receiving a gorgeous bag in return.

The bags have a quirky appeal to them as they have quotes on them such as, ‘ love story’ or ‘my diary’ which are my two personal favourites. So far the company offer a clutch bag, a cross-body bag and a card holder. Both the clutch bag and the cross-body bag can be customised with your own personal writing.


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To have a look at some of my favourite pieces head over to these links:  My Diary Black Leather ClutchLove Story Crossbody Bag. Lavender Leather, My Diary Crossbody Bag. Pink Leather and Card Holders.

These are my favorites, have you looked on the Skinny Bags website? Head over there now and grab yourself one of there gorgeous bags!









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