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Prairie Charms*

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When I was contacted by the lovely girls at Prairie Charms I knew straight away I wanted to get involved. After looking through their online store and seeing so many things that jumped out to me. It sells things from jewellery, make up bits, hair items and my favorite part which is the crafty section. This has ribbons and washi tape in, washi tape is one of those things that if you don’t have a little roll of it you just don’t know how good it is. I literally use washi tape for everything and anything. Its one of those things that once you have it once you will always keep grabbing it. Enough about my little obsession about washi tape and a little more about the company.

Prairie Charms is a gorgeous homemade boutique which specialises in giryly items. There prints are very pretty and floral. One of the reasons I was so excited to work with this company is that 10% of all profits go to the Great Ormand Street Hospital for children and the Kiss It Better Campaign.  This really builds my trust with this company as I think its such a great way of making people feel good about splurging on things that they wanted anyway. Onto the items I picked, I decided to go for two packets of washi tapes. One was a pink a gold selection and the other is a blue and pink heart selection. I decided on these purely because of my love for washi tape. As I have mentioned in this post, here are a few ideas for you of things that I love to do with washi tape.

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The lovely girls at Prairie Charms also sent me two extra items, one was a pack of hair bobbles. But not just any bobbles, those elastic ones which are great! The colour selection they have is amazing, I was sent a gorgeous blue sparkle and the other is a kind of tribal triangle print with the colour pink,blue,white and purple. . I love using these hair bobbles purely for the fact that they don’t leave a kink in your hair, they also look a lot prettier when they are wrapped round your wrist. Lets face it, which girl doesn’t hold a bobble on their wrist. They also sent this gorgeous necklace, it is a delicate gold chained necklace with a wooden pink triangle attached to the end. I think this is going to look amazing in the Spring/Summer. Keep an eye out for outfits featuring this!

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Have you got any crazy obsessions like I have with washi tape?



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