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Sunday Summary #4

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This week has been a little more exciting than usual. I say this week when really all I mean is this weekend. It was Good Friday but of course I was working, SHOCK. Which obviously made it that little bit harder to get up, if it had been any other friday I would have jumped out of bed since it was the last day of the week I was at work but since I knew most other people where off I had to drag myself. I mean drag myself out of bed. My mam and dad went to the carvan on wednesday which meant me and Alex are house sitting. I say house sitting although really lets face it, it isn’t really house sitting since I live here. Really we just have the house to ourselves, which means lots of mess, dishes left lying and lots of tv watching. I really love it when its just me and Alex, it gives us a sense of what its going to be like once we actually move out. Which if I’m honest I can’t wait for but am also dreading a little as he really doesn’t understand the concept of house work! But that will come with time, I hope.

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Yesterday for me was a day of baking, getting lots of blog posts done and relaxing. It was amazing. I got so much done I kinda felt invincible. Do you ever feel that way? It sounds so stupid but you kinda feel like the amount you got done in one day is something that has never happened to you before. It gives you a sense of achievement that  you never thought you’d feel. Yeah, its for silly little things. But I literally felt like the clock stood still. I was up pretty early which is probably the reason why but it was just amazing. Today brings another lazy day of pottering around the house, filling my time up with reading new blogs and finding new little hidden gems in the blogging world. I love it! What makes it even better is that tonight is filled with mundane going back to work on Monday things. Monday is a day off! Wahoooo


What have you been doing this bank holiday weekend?




  • Melane

    Your hair looks amazing in that photo! Looks really healthy as well 🙂 Oh and that cupcake just looks delish!

    xo Mel || Sketch & Scribbles

  • Mili

    I know what you mean, I feel so good when I’ve accomplished some tasks. That chocolate muffin looks so good 🙂


  • Emily Redlaff

    your hair looks absolutely gorgeous!

    emilyrose |

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