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August Favorites

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August has quickly come and gone and have to say it has been one of the quickest yet. I feel like it was only yesterday that I was letting everyone know that this month it would be my birthday, now that’s gone and I’m wishing for Christmas. Ive had a super busy past month with starting a new job, a trip down to London and then of course  my birthday. This months favourites probably go from the start of the month until around the middle because then something just clicked in me and I decided that in my own little world it would be Autumn. So on some of the sunniest days of the year I had a gold eye, bright purple lip and anything mustard, khaki or burgundy in my clothes. This year my summer hasn’t been the best so for me its time for the autumn, which is my favorite time of the year.


This month in beauty I’ve been loving the Nars Creamy Concealer, this is something I never thought I would get obsessed with purely because of the price of the little tube. £22 for this makes it a little bit heart breaking when it runs out, but for me it is one of the best I have used, when I use this I tend to apply a very light covering of foundation and then use this as the cover for any blemishes or under eye bags. Wallah, you are ready to walk out the door, well maybe not totally you may want to get dressed first. For my eyes I have been sticking to a totally basic brown smoky eye, but I have been loving it. For this I have been going way back to my trusty Urban Decay Naked palette, which really does have the best colours in to create the perfect smoky eye. I have found that this lasts all day and I still have the look that I created when I get in from a long day at work. The last kind of beauty related product is the fragrance that I have been literally obsessing over and it was a bargain to say the least, at £7.99. This one is the Zara Oriental which is shaped as a cube which I personally love and literally smells so good! The notes in this are Bergamot, Jasmine, Patchouli and Caramel. It may sound like it would be a little strange but it is actually amazing.


Fashion for my month has been mainly work wear I’m not going to lie. With starting a new job I had to get myself some new work wear as Id never had to wear a formal suit before, so it was time for a nice new wardrobe for work! For the times that I haven’t been working away I have found  new love for wide legged pj bottoms. These is something about the comfort in these that I just love. Not the best look I know but for comfort they are the best. They are £6 from Primark which is a steal and you can literally sit around the house in these all day. If I am going to venture out my main thing I have been wearing is jeans and a T-Shirt, I just haven’t felt it this Summer. Ive been waiting for the Autumn since Summer started.


The book of the month can only be To Kill a Mocking Bird, which you can read all about over here. These was something about this book I was totally obsessed with, I loved every minute of reading it. The song of the month is a little guilty pleasure of mine and is Marvin Gay by Charlie Puth. I know I’m not 100% on why I like it but Ive just felt a groove when I put it on. Obviously for the Tv Show of the month it has to be Pretty Little Liars as it came to the end of season six, which made me shed a tear a little. I just can’t wait too long for the next one.







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