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Halloween – No Party?

DSCF1854 DSCF1855 DSCF1856 For those of you who are maybe too young to go to a wild party or maybe you just dont fancy partying this year, you can still celebrate Halloween! There are soo many Halloweeny things that can be done without going to a party. Im not your typical party girl however once in a while I do get my groove on, but most Halloweens I like to stop in put on some pjs and chill.

One thing you could do is get all your girl friends over (or boy) get in some comfy clothes, pop a scary movie on(if your too scared it can always be a chick flick), grab some snacks and enjoy. There are so many scary movies out there like Scream, Saw or if you need something a little more light hearted theres the Scary Movies series. Bake some of these delicious cupcakes, make somescrumptious hot chocolate and you are sorted!

OR you could grab all your friends, get yourselfs a pumpkin each, sit round a big table and hold a competition on who can carve the best Pumpkin. You could then order in a yummy take-away and sit and chat all night!

I love doing different things each year on Halloween as I dont always go to a party, sometimes I like to go for a late night walk in the woods near by and scare myself. Whilst other times I like to have a lovely hot bath with a halloween bath bomb then watch movies and eat lots of sweets.

Do you like to party or are you like me and like to change it up each year?




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