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Gift Guide: Him #10

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The final in my little gift guide this Christmas is of course the hardest of them all and thats the presents for the gents in the world. Every year I ask all the men in the family what they want and every year I get the same reply. ‘you pick me something’ I dont want to just pick you everything in case its things you wont actually use and wont need! Then theres the reply for my dad which is always ‘socks’. I dont know how he goes through socks so fast! Ive had a long hard think and I’m going to try and give you as many ideas as I can.

The first thing I thought of is an obvious one and its aftershave. All boys seem to get this at Christmas, its just a must, a something that fills out their presents and makes them look like they have more than they really have. Some of my favorites right now is the Jimmy Choo for men and the Hugo Boss, im not 100% sure on the name but I do know that it is in a blue bottle.


Something that I have bought for my Dad in the past and something I have for him this year is a new wallet. I dont know how but he seems to wear his out so fast! This year I was looking round Tk Maxx and saw this brown one which I loved. I dont like anything too fancy for my dad and I knew this is the kind of thing that he would like, and the best part is that it was only £10! Reduced from 50! Amazing, I know a bargain if there ever was one.


Every year Alex asks for another assortment of dvds, I love buying people dvds because I think its something that you dont really buy yourself. This year I have gone with the James Bond Box set, which I am pretty excited to watch too if im honest!
Other things you could be a nice jumper to wear on Christmas day, or a box of their favorite chocolates or biscuits. I know my Dad loves Amaretto biscuits so every year I buy him a box. A nice new pair of shoes always goes down a treat or a few books for them to read on their favorite thing.


What kind of thing do you buy for men?





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