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When it comes to contouring and highlight I tend to change up my technique but lately I have been sticking to the same technique and have been really loving the outcome. I’m not the kinda gal who likes a really heavy looking contour, I prefer something a little more natural although I do like to think that when I do contour and highlight that it looks like I have some cheek bones hidden underneath my chubby cheeks. I’ve also been sticking to the same products lately, another thing that is very rare for me, as you know I like to change it up and try new things. But that hasn’t been me, the same products have been getting took out of my collection day in day out.

For contouring I have been firstly using the Chanel Sou De Tan, which is a cream bronzer. As i’ve said in the past i’ve had a love hate relationship with this, one minute I love it then next it makes me look like i’m trying to join a tribal group (not that theres anything wrong with this, but it wasn’t the look I was going for). I use a pointed brush tip apply this then blend it out with a flat top brush, this is the base for my contouring. This creates a perfect contour colour which is very natural. If you like a darker contour you can always apply a thicker layer of this, which will still be very natural but will make a more chiseled look. I also apply this to the top of my forehead and under my chin.

I then use my Nars Laguna Bronzer to set the cream bronzer in place. I use an angled brush so that it sits in my cheek bones ( well where my cheek bones are suppose to be) This helps to set the look, although I like to have a natural look I think by using the powder it makes it a little more defined without being too much.

For highlighter I use Mac Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle, this creates a very natural highlight. The amazing shimmer acts like a lovely glow to the top of your cheek bones. To highlight under my eyes, my nose and my forehead I use Mac’s Prolongwear Concealer which makes the skin glow.




  • Emma

    Everyone raves about the Nars bronzer i really need to try it x

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