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Summer Spa Night

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As many of you will probably know Im not one to shy away from pampering myself. Give me a night in with lots and lots of products and Im a happy bunny. I seem to have got my ‘Spa night’ down to a tea now where I can make sure I do it at least once a week. It refreshes me and gives me a little time to think about things that I wouldn’t if I was say watching the Tv, its just gives you a little more me time. I have shared with you before my spa night routine, I say routine but its not something I stick by religiously just more in a way that these are the products that I have been using and this is how. If you’re new to the whole pampering yourself thing, then maybe take a few little bits from this post and start by giving yourself half an hour even, to unwind and relax. I like to try and do mine on a Sunday night that way I feel as though I am ready for the week ahead and it gives me time to think about the week Ive had. To set the mood I always make sure my room is tidy and clean and I light candles (of course) I put some gentle music on. This just helps me relax, some people may just prefer to put there favourite band on.

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Then its time to take your days face off, even if I haven’t been wearing make-up I like to fully cleanse my skin to get rid of any dirt that may be on my face, I like to use my Bioderma on a cotton pad and swipe this around my face. This helps to remove any dirt and make-up and leave me feeling fresh and clean. Then its time to get into a nice hot bubble bath, to really get my body relaxed I have been using The Body Shop Deep Sleep Milk Bath Float, also adding either a lush bath bomb or bubble bar. While the bath is bubbling away I like to add a face mask, my favourite at the moment is the Origins Clear Improvements mask, this really helps to clear out my pores and leaves it feeling silky smooth after. I then get into the bath fully face masked and either read or just lie in the bath for about 10/15 mins.I shave my legs and all the other places that us girls like to keep cleanly shaven I like to exfoliate my whole body after I have shaved just to make sure I get rid of all the dead skin cells. , which I do twice a week but make sure I do it on pamper night just to make me feel fully refreshed. Lately I have been using the My Little Beauty Sailor Scrub, which is great for the whole body as it isn’t too rough but does the job.

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Once the bath is emptied I apply my moisturiser, which I am trying to do twice a day but that is proving pretty difficult. On a spa night I like to use a nice thick Body butter just to make sure it really hydrates my skin. My favourite for this is The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Body Butter, I also use the Sanctuary Spa foot cream and the Origins Make A Difference hand cream just to make sure that my body gets all the benefits from the creams. If I am with someone else I try my hardest to get them to massage my shoulders, lets face it not every week I can please my way into a little bit of a back rub but sometimes If I really try hard someone will crack. I give them The Body Shop Harmonising Massage Oil which really helps the skin and also makes the massage a lot more relaxing. The smell is heavenly! If I could get this in a spray to spray on my pillow before I slept I definitely would!

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Face skincare is always the last thing I do, just so that I give my skin a little time to breath. I just use my normal skincare routine but tend to take a little longer massaging it into my skin. On a night I firstly use the Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate, I take a couple of drops on my finger tips and dab this into my skin then use upwards motions to get this deep into my skin. I then add my usual La Roche Posay Effacer Duo all over my face. I use the Shiseido White Lucent eye cream which is amazing to brighten up your under eyes. Of course finishing with my trusty Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. Then its time to pop on a girly movie, with some chocolate and chill.






  • Robyn Taylor

    I need a night like this! I love Body Shop body butters, they make me feel so pampered! Please use that massage oil on me!!

    Robyn xo

  • Cliona

    I love the Sanctuary foot butter and Effacer duo! They’re a pamper favourite of mine too. I’ve never heard of The Body Shop milk bath float but it sounds lovely – I can imagine it has a gorgeous relaxing scent. Great post lovely! I want to have a pamper night now 😉 xx

  • Rosie C

    This sounds heavenly! Love your posts x

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