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I was set these samples by Ren to review their products, they asked me what skin type I was so they could send me samples which related to my skin. Just so you know I have combination oily skin and I also get occasional break outs. I had never tried the Ren products before but I am almost certain that I will be making an order very soon to get my hands on some full size products! I love the packaging of all the Ren products, I think the simple white container with the different colour stripe and small logo for each different range makes their products recognisable.

The first thing I received was the T-Zone Balancing Gel-Cream from their Clarimatte range, for the full size product (50ml) it costs £21. Which to some people is a lot for a moisturiser but for me something like this which is going to help my skin its not a lot to pay. I was using this on a night time instead of my usual  moisturiser as I always feel like with a  gel moisturiser it leaves your skin feeling refreshed and that’s exactly what this did. This sample size of 15ml lasted me a week and a half which for a small sized product like this I feel it is very good. I loved the consistency of the product and the over all feel. This is something that I will 100% be thinking about purchasing.

Next was the Invisible Pores Detox Mask again in the Clarimatte range, which is £18 for the full size product of 50ml which is an average price that you would pay for a high end mask. This was one of my favourite face masks I have ever used for my pores, once I had applied this I really felt like it got into those pesky little pores and pulled out all the horrible things that get into them. I did find that when I woke up the next day there was a few spots that wasn’t there the night before but I wasn’t too bothered about this as it made me think that this mask really did get into my pores! It has a clay like consistency which personally I love about face masks. This is already in my planned things to buy this month so cant wait to get my paws on this, hahah did you see what I did there!

The last thing I got was the Clarity Restoring Mask in the ClearcALM 3 range, which is £30 for the 50ml bottle, I don’t think I buy this in a hurry, don’t get me wrong anything that has mask in I love but I just didn’t love this as much as I did the other mask of theirs that I tried. For people who like a thinner mask this is definitely for you, it was still partly a clay texture but not as thick as the other. It still left my skin feeling silky smooth but it just wasn’t my favourite.

DSCF0995 DSCF0994


Overall, I would definitely buy more of the Ren products! but I would just have a little test of the products before I fully committed to buying them.

Which Ren products have you used and which would you recommend?



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