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2015 Favourites // Drugstore

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When I was thinking about doing this post my head was baffled with all the items I wanted to include in it. 2015 saw some amazing drugstore buys and certainly ones that I am keeping stocked up on, am I the only one who worries about losing out that one favourite product when they take it off the shelf for good? Drugstore products are something I am big on at the moment and will certainly focusing on a lot more this year. I love make-up, beauty and everything as you will probably know by now, but I had a little brain wave that told me you don’t need to spend £98479534759 on an eyeshadow to feel amazing when you put it on. You can easily find one for £2.50 at your local drugstore. It’s definitly a year for me finding dupes, sharing them with you and hopefully save you some dollar. Enough rambling onto some amazing drugstore goodies you could be getting your hands on.

One that has been mentioned in a few of my monthly favourites this past year is the L’Oreal Infallible 24h Matte foundation. If you have been reading CharlotteSamantha for a while you know I struggle with oily skin, when it comes to foundation I like to keep it pretty matte. I tend to go pretty oily quickly which means adding a dewy foundation really causes problems. Dramatic I know. This foundation sits in place all day and with a little dash of powder over the top my skin is left looking matte. Winwin for me. It’s a medium coverage but doesn’t feel too heavy on the skin which is another benefit for me as I hate the feeling of a heavy foundation. I’ve worn this pretty much everyday for work in 2015 and 100% will be keeping it going until I find myself another pretty similar.

IMG_3868I don’t think I have really talked about the next product much. But nevertheless I have been reaching for it everyday for at least half the year but that is probably because I only got it half way through. La Girl Pro Concealer. I had heard so much about this but with living in the Uk I found so hard to get my hands on, but when I was down in London I spotted a little shop that sold it. The one thing I really love about this concealer is the brush applicator. Although I don’t use this blend in the concealer it seems to apply better to the areas I need it. The colour range is amazing for the price of the product too, I often find with cheaper items you can’t get them in as many colours but there seems to be such a huge range. If you are like me in the Uk and cant seem to find it you can get it here. Soap and Glory Solar Powder is something that is much-loved, well it was at one point and now the hype seems to have simmered down a little however I am still a lover of this bronzer. It has two shades within the powder which I mix together to create the perfect bronzed finish. I use this everyday in my routine to add that little bit of definition to the face. Another reason I love this is the packaging. I am a sucked for things in nice boxes and this one just ticks all the right boxes.  The black and white photo on the front just gives it that little edge that makes this look so much more expensive than it is.

I’m normally a bright cheek girl but 2015 has been a little more subtle for me. This L’Oreal Le Blush in the shade True Rose has been my favourite. It’s such a subtle, natural pink that gives the cheeks just what they need without being too much. It also sits really well with the bronzer that I have been using as it blends in so beautifully. I’ve never really heard anyone talking about the L’Oreal blushes but I 100% want to try more this year.

IMG_3873Another L’Oreal product I have been loving is one for the brows, I am not amazing at my brows so like to stick with simple things. The Brow Artist Plumper is amazing for this. It is a small brush which fits nicely through the brows giving them a gorgeous colour and adding volume to them to make them look a little more natural. If you ever see me out it will be very rare that I am out with no eye liner on. For the past I would say 3 years now I have worn eyeliner and have been trying to find my perfect match. Some smudge, some I find hard to apply and others just don’t have the staying power. 2015 brought to me the perfect eyeliner yet. Again a little dramatic I know. The Soap and Glory SuperCat Liner. This is shaped almost like a felt tip which makes the application a dream, it stays on all day without losing its colour pay off and rarely tends to smudge. So it’s an all-rounder for me!


Keep an eye out on Wednesday for my high end 2015 favourites!

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  • The Soap and Glory Powder has been one of my favourites of this year to bronze my face. I have been wanting to try the L’Oreal Infallible foundation for ages i just haven’t ever gotten around

    • Charlotte Samantha

      Its an amazing foundation you should 100% try it. Im literally lost without my bronzer xo

  • Emmys Beauty Cave

    I have such oily skin but i hated the L’Oreal foundation 🙁 but i do love L’Oreal blushes x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

    • Charlotte Samantha

      No way em!!! I love it, keeps my skin so matte!
      I need to try more of their blushes if you have any recommendations shoot them my way! xo

  • Charlee

    Gorgeous favourites hun, I really want to try the LA Girl Pro concealer and I love the sound of this – will definitely b on the hunt for it! 🙂

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

  • Charlotte

    That blush looks so pretty!
    Charlotte /

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