Got a secret can you keep it?


Gotchaa! If your familiar with the little saying of ‘Got a secret can you keep it’ then you know exactly what Im talking about. Pretty Little Liars for any of you from mars who don’t know what it is. Just kidding. If you haven’t yet watched a single episode of PLL then seriously, let’s get you a free trial of Netflixs!
A group of girls who find one of their best friends goes missing, receive mysterious texts, hints and little gifts from someone named A. But who A is they will never know.Its a girly show with a twist, a little bit scary, mysterious and jaw dropping all in one. Its simply addictive. The show is still ongoing on tv so if you get caught up you wont be able to bulk watch. But you’ll be left every week sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for the next one to start!

Your sure to relate to one of the characters in this show, with all of my them being pretty much different in their entirety. But that’s what I love about it. Theres something that makes me smile about watching something I can relate too. Even if it’s not you relating to the main characters you’ll be sure to relate someone you know to the main characters.

Do you watch PLL what do you think?