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Beauty // Drugstore Spring Eye’s

Drugstore Spring Eyes  2

Spring means colour. And lots of it. I have finally branched out of using the same palette every single day, I’m not wearing brown shades everyday as a safe option. Although some days I do still rock a brown smokey eye. But now I add much darker shades which was something I was very scared of before. Eyeshadows are something that I obsess over, although I love foundation. Eyeshadows are something I always push towards when I am out shopping for some new bits. As I have now said a million times i am trying to use up what I already have, without buying too much, although lets face it I do buy new things still. So these aren’t newnew things in the drugstore but are still things that I love and would say are definitely worth the buy.

Drugstore Spring Eyes  4 Drugstore Spring Eyes  9

First up we have some Kiko shadows, Kiko is such an affordable brand which in my opinion doesn’t get as much talk as it should. Everything I have had from Kiko so far has been super pigmented and always lasted the day through. Especially these Long lasting, Wet and Dry Eyeshadows. The only thing I would change about these Kiko shades is the names, I hate it when products are just given a number, add a name and you have so much more personality to the product. First we have 227 which is a champagne shade, super pigmented and super shimmery. I love this for the high points on my brows and also on the inner corner of my eye to highlight. Next is 225 which is a true blue, although with these shades different ways you look at the shade creates a different colour. This one has a slight purple/pink shimmer to it which makes it perfect for Spring. The last from Kiko is 212 which is a gorgeous green shade, this is so shimmery it makes me eyes hurt. In a good way obviously. This has so many shades hidden underneath the true green shade. These last all day are super creamy, pigmented and if you use a setting spray and wet the brush before use the colour pay off is crazy. Another amazing part of these is that they are only £8.90 and if you are reading this as I have posted have a special offer on making them only £4.40.

Drugstore Spring Eyes Drugstore Spring Eyes  7

Revlon also do some amazing shades for Spring, my favrouites are the Colorstay Shadow Links. I love these shadows as they come as individuals but you can add them together to create a little palette but it also means if you are travelling and only want to take certain shades you can pick and choose. My favourite colour in theses is Melon, which is the orange/pink shade. This looks gorgeous run through the crease with a dark smokey eye. Then there is Seafood which is a gorgeous pale blue shade, this looks gorgeous as the main shade in a look, I love putting this across the middle of my eye. Next is Lime which is a green shade with lots of white undertones which makes it very much a lime green. Then there is moss which as the name suggests is a very dark almost grey green shade. I like to use this as a transition from light shades into super dark. The last is Cobalt which is a dark navy shade. This looks amazing as a corner colour smoking out into the rest of my make-up. For only £2.99 these are really a bargain.

Drugstore Spring Eyes  5 Drugstore Spring Eyes  10 Drugstore Spring Eyes  8

Then we have The Blushed Nudes palette by Maybelline, I wrote  review of this bad boy here. These shades are perfect for Spring with the pinky shades, this almost reminds me of the Naked 3 palette which is obviously made for Spring. These shadows are super creamy, apply amazingly and last all day. I love this palette as there is a shade in here for almost any lok you want to create. You can create a soft pink smokey or you can go super dramatic with the darker colours. You also have a real mix of shimmer shades and matte shades which makes the palette perfect. For £7.99 again another bargain to be had!




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  • kali1103

    haha i hate when they just use numbers as names too!
    i love that blushed nudes palette !!!

  • Ambar

    The Blushed Nudes palette by Maybelline looks so pigmented and perfect for Spring! 🙂
    – Ambar x
    Her Little Loves

  • em b

    all of these eyeshadows look amazing:) xx

  • Charlee

    Fab post lovely, some really gorgeous picks! I love the Kiko Wet and Dry eyeshadows and I agree I wish they had a name rather than a number. The Maybelline Blushed Nudes palette looks so stunning and I agree it’s very similar to the Naked 3 Palette! 🙂

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

  • The Blushed Nudes is such a lovely set of colours! I have the Naked Palette but I still reach for it just as much. I love the suggestions for how to wear the shades (perfect for a novice like me haha) and you can so easily go from day to night with it.

    Loved this post, Charlotte!

    Bethany | Curly and Wordy

  • Ciara Rose

    Those Kiko shades look absolutely stunning.. I can’t believe I’ve never tried any Kiko products before! It’s definitely about time that I bought some! xx

    Ciara Rose |

  • Danielle

    gorgeous shades! I really loved the deep green, pastel blue and the neutral tones <3
    thanks for sharing (:

    Life in Pastel

  • Lizzy Fresh

    I loooove those Kiko Eyeshadows, they look so beautiful on the eye and I really need to pick up some more shades! That Maybelline palette looks super impressive as well, I can’t believe how pigmented those swatches are.

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