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Brand Focus // Maybelline

IMG_3988 IMG_3985There is something satisfying about walking out of a shop where you may have just splurged on a few products that are all from the same brand. This time its Maybelline, I haven’t used their products in a while and so I thought it would be fun to try some of their new stuff out. I sometimes wonder what new products will be like from the drug store, as there is normally a stigma attached to them to say that it’s not the same as those higher end products. But these have been one of my most favourites purchases in a while. Enough of the blubbering more about the products!

IMG_3994 IMG_4001 IMG_3999The first thing I saw which I knew I had to pick up is The Blushed Nudes eye shadow palette with 12 shades included. They range from pinky nudes to a little more green toned shadows. Each shade has a shimmer over the top which when used rubs off a little, to be honest this doesn’t bother me as it would some as I do prefer a little more matte shades when it is to be worn everyday. Another reason I love this palette is that on the back is three different ways of using the shadows. In a quad, trio or duo, for those who may be just starting out in make-up gives them a  few different ways to apply. The shadows are creamy, long-lasting and honestly the colour pay off is amazing! Well worth the money spent on this little palette and for only £9.99

IMG_4008When a new mascara is realised I normally jump on the bandwagon, I love mascaras and think you can never have enough. I was pulled in with this one for the packaging. How beaut is the pink and red metallic look! The Falsies Push Up Drama in very black, which has cupped shapped bristles to fully attach onto the lashes and make them the longest they can be. When I used this mascara for the first time I was blown away with how thickening. For £7.99 you have got to add this little beauty to your make-up bag.

IMG_4009The last thing I picked up was the Dream Velvet foundation in the shade Ivory. This has a soft matte finish but is also very hydrating, which is something I love in a foundation. When I squeezed this onto the back of my hand I was a little taken back by the texture of the product. It was very thick and jelly like, which when I read the back of the foundation and found out it was a gel it made a little more sense. Bar the fact that the texture was very jelly like it applied to the skin amazingly and you don’t need much product to fully apply it to your full face. For £7.99 you can’t go wrong with this foundation, it lasts all day and applies super smoothly.


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  • Charlotte

    SNAP, I love coming out of a shop knowing I’ve just bought some make-up, self worth inside me feels great haha! The shades in that palette are actually gorgeous!
    Charlotte //

  • Hannah

    love all the warm colours in that palette!

  • Megan Phelps

    Love the look of the shadows from the palette!

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