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Its custom to write a post about what new products you’ll be using when the seasons changes so its only right that I show you what eyeshadow palette I have lined up for this up and coming Autumn. I’m a bit of a scardey cat when it comes to eyeshadow, I’m even one of those girls who sometimes does their full make-up with a different colour eyeshadow on to what I would usually wear, then take my whole make-up off because I am scared of what people will think. When really I should just let them get on with what they think and go for it. At the end of the day I am doing this for me not anyone else, and that’s how you should all think from now on. Will I ever learn to stop rambling, I don’t think so. I was talking about autumn eyeshadows palettes right? autumn-eyes-10

The first is a new love to my eyeshadows palette collection and is something I have been raving about on my instagram. The Charlotte Tilbury luxury palette in the shade Legendary Muse this little beauty is £38 and literally has me swooning everytime I look at it. And let me tell you even if I know I’m not using it I have a little look. The tones of the shades are absolutely amazing and not to mention the luxury start pattern on the front of the traditional Charlotte Tilbury casing. There is nothing more luxuries than the Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow palettes. All four of these shades are gorgeous and can be easily used for a day time or night-time sparkle look. I have been loving using the gold tone shade all over my lid for an everyday look, it adds a little bit of something to an otherwise boring everyday look. These shadows last all day, they don’t fade and I don’t tend to get any fall out from them which is something I love, because this girl can’t be bothered with clean up.


Another Charlotte Tilbury palette which I love for this time of year and seem to be getting out year after year is the Vintage Vamp palette, this has a mix of burgundy and gold shades which are just perfect! I just squealed like an actual girl at how excited I am to start using this palette again. All the colours are so perfect for this time of year and you can create some amazing looks. The only one negative thing I have to say about this palette is that you really have to layer up the darkest shade to create a smokey eye look. But if you prefer to go for something a little more sultry itll work amazingly for you.


I’ve had this Topshop palette for a couple of years now but every time seem to reach for it during this time of year. You are all going to think I am nuts but there is something about this palette that makes me feel like im in space. I think it’s the finish to the shadows that almost give them a star like appearance. Okay, Ill shut up now. These shadows are super blendable and easy to apply. This one is in the shade Orion, Im pretty sure it was a limited edition palette but you can find a similar one here. Are you starting to see a slight theme to the palettes I reach for in the autumn?


This has to be one of my absolute favourites, although all the shades are probably not for everyone. I made this up in the Inglot shop in London last year and just bloody love it. As you can probably tell the shades are all super autumnal so this palette sits at the back of my draw until October rolls around. I find these shades super easy to wear and honestly are some of the best shadows I own. They are silky,smooth and super bendable. Which are three things I love in shadows. I hate working with a super drying, powdery shadow. My two favourites out of the whole palette is the very top burnt red shade and the middle green shade. I love the copper mix of glitter that runs through the green shade. Ahh, it just makes me happy. P.S can we just take a moment to look at the pigmentation of these shadows. Here is the link to the post all about these shades and which ones are which.


The last of the palettes is actually my newest, which I am sure you will have all heard about. Which is the Tarte Tartlette palette, I have been loving this at the moment. This is such a diverse palette, with a real mix of colours which means you can create so many looks. If I am heading anywhere this autumn I will be definitely packing this one as my eyeshadow palette, can we just look at how many different shades you get. I think this is going to be a great all-rounder palette for me! I haven’t used all the shades yet but the ones I have used have lasted all day long, although do bare in mine you do get a little bit of fall out when applying the shades. Bain of my life.


Until next time,
CharlotteSamantha. OX




  • Parie Joshi

    The TARTE palette looks amazing and the colours can be worn all year round!

    Parie x

    Class and Glitter

  • GemsBlogStorey

    Who doesn’t love Autumn pallets?! I blooming love the Inglot palette, the colours are gorgeous as looks great quality! Lovely post 🙂


  • Diane

    I’m in love with the inglot shades !

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