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Beauty // 3 Facial Oils


A year ago if someone told me to buy a facial oil I would have probably shook my head in disbelief of them actually suggesting that to me. I get a super oily T zone so why would I wanna put oil on it? I would have laughed and asked so many question’s. I was kinda scared of using oil because I thought that my face would just become one huge oily mess. But I was soso wrong. I never knew just how much an oil could help my skin. There are three in particular that I have been loving using lately. So I thought, you know what, Im gunna share them with you! F.Y.I if you have oily skin don’t over look this post, I did my little bit of research and found out that one of the reasons your face may become super oily is because it doesn’t think you have enough oil on the surface of your skin. The oil on you skin helps protect it, this means that your skin works doubly hard to produce more oil, when in actually fact you are using drying products which are making your skin more greasy. Add some facial oil into your skincare routine and this will slow down the production of oil allowing your face to work at its normal rate. Promise you, you wont feel as oily once youve used it.

The first is my favorite of all three, I know I never ever thought that I would be saying I have a favorite facial oil but yey me! I’m trying something out of my comfort zone. This one is from Antipodes and is one of their Divine Face Oils with Avocado oil and rosehip. The Avocado helps to keep the skin hydrated and over time helps the tone of the skin, both I certainly need. Rose hip oil helps with anti-aging which I am all for and also the main thing for me is scaring. I often get spots, I say often every single day I have at least one spot and you know what I am a picker. I know its gross but I pick them, don’t lie to me I know most of you will too! I also had a cist removed from my face around two years ago, which I still have a scar on my face. I tend to rub this into my scar everyday night to help reduce the appearance of the scar. This stuff is amazing. I have also found that when I use this oil my spots seem to reduce. Overall my skin seems to be a lot better condition.


The second is the Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate, this was the first oil I bought and absolutely loved it from the first application. This is my favourite one to apply on a night as I find the scent super calming and it really  makes my skin feel super relaxed. This oil has lavender oil and evening primrose hence the relaxing effect this has on the skin. The lavender helps to reduce inflammation of the skin and also helps with the skins over all finish, by calming any blotching that has occurred on the skin. I feel like this is getting super technical for my little blog. But honestly I have got so interested in the different oils and their benefits on the skin. Anyway, the primrose helps to improve the skins repair barrier which again with my issue of spots helps so much. The only down fall with this one is that it does come with a hefty price tag of £37, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do though.

The last oil I got in a two pack last Christmas from Ole Henriksen, which is there Pure Truth Youth Activating Oil. Well that was a little bit of a mouthful wasn’t it! It kinda gives away what it does in the title. This is 100% concentrated rose hip oil which helps the skin to look brighter, radiant and more youthful. It helps to activate the skins defence process against antioxidants, which allows your youthful skin shine through. Out of all the oils this one feels slightly different, it almost feels like a gel once it is dabbed into the skin. Oh I forgot to say to apply all three of these I use the same motion, I drop a pea size amount onto clean finger tips rub it between two hands to almost warm the oil up then dab it into my face gently. This allows the oil to be fully absorbed into the skin.


Until next time,
CharlotteSamantha. OX




  • Amy

    Great picks, Charlotte! I also suffer from an oily t-zone so was always put off by using oil too. I have the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum but I don’t find that “wow factor” everyone else seems to have got. I like Kheils products and someone recommended the midnight concentrate as an alternative. Will need to pick it up 🙂

    Amy |

  • primrosebigwood

    Love this! I have a super oily face so will need to give them a go, heard such great things about Kiehls! x

  • Antipodes Skincare

    Hi Charlotte, thank you for sharing the Antipodes Divine Face Oil, glad it works well on you. Let us know if you try more Antipodes products, we enjoy reading your blog. #lovethearoha

    • Charlotte Samantha

      No problem!! I have been loving using the oil and hopefully can get myself some more of your products soon!! OX

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