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Favourites // September Edit


Can you believe we are one day away from October. OCTOBER!! Before we know it we will be singing along to all those cheesy Christmas songs that we all love but deep down really do grind us down after the 3979425th time of listening to them. Really who am I kidding I’ve had Michael Buble’s Christmas album on repeat since I got back from New York and decided it was Christmas. Sometimes you gotta feel a bit of motivation to get through your day, and that’s what it does for me. Or I just want to tell myself it is the best time of year! Enough of Christmas we are talking September favourites.


First thing your probably going to be sick of me talking about is something that I just cant bring myself to stop using. Ive mentioned it before in my favourites which must mean I just bloody love it!! Its the Rimmel Match perfection foundation. I find this foundation super dewy for the skin but can be mattified by using powder, I find it lasts on my skin all day without fading or oxidizing. The coverage is medium and can be built over the areas you would possibly need a little more cover, overall it is just a great foundation and I get mine in a little beauty outlet shop close to home which means I only pay £3.99. Yes you read that right £3.99 for a foundation! Total bargain I know. Another product I have been loving is one that I picked up in New York and it is the Becca Highlighter in Champagne Pop. There is something about it being a collaboration with Jaclyn Hill that makes me feel like as soon as I pop this on I turn into a goddess much like her!! She is just incredible right ladies? I love the amount of shimmer this gives you and if you are after a really strong highlighter game you can build this up to look incredible. Granted it is a little more expensive than my £3.99 foundation, but this thing will last you forever!

img_6959 img_6962

It seems to be all about the eyes for september with the rest of my favourites being from that section in my make-up draws. One thing I could not have lived without in September is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade, this stuff is insane. When I first got my hands on it I was a little scared by it. I knew pomades set fast so knew there was no touching up if I made a mistake but I didnt realise how easy it was to work with. One huge tip I would give is dont put much on your brush, you can always grab some more once you have finished with the product you already have i your brush because remember it sets hella fast. I just the ease of this, and how many different looks you can achieve. I also have to add that this stuff lasts ages, my typical brow product would last me around 3 months when Im not putting too much on. This one I got in March and still have over half of the product left inside, how amazing is that I hear you scream. lol. The palette of choice this month is actually a new on but one I have been loving! The Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Muse Luxury palette, have you layed yours eyes on the colours in this paletter. They are godly! There is something about golds and shimmers this time of year that just give me the feeling. And if you have blue eyes like me, POP. You will instantly look like you have the bluest eyes of all, Ill battle you for the bluest eyes competition if you want? I mean come on we know who will win. Again this is a little on the pricey side but an amazing christmas gift and you will never regret it! Going back to another old favourite of mine is the Soap and Glory Cat Liner, I’m going to be honest now and share a little secret with you, ive had this liner too long. I bought it around a year ago now, BUT it is still going strong, granted it isnt as black as when I first bought it but it still works and isnt dried up! I think that is amazing. The nib is a little on the thicker side but it applies my liner perfectly for me and is always the one I go back to time after time. So it deserved a spot in this little favourites of mine. The last eye product and last favourite of the month is the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, take what you will from the name. I’m saying nothing. This stuff is just wow. If you want the falsie look without putting the falsies on head over to Debenhams and get this put into your basket! I got asked a million times what falsies I was wearing when I first wore this out. It is incredible. The brush is a little different to what I have ever used but honestly, if you wanna feel amazing and have people ask where your lashes are from you gotta get this. And when they do ask you where you got them from you can qoute your name and DOB cause girl those lashes are yours!


Until next time,
CharlotteSamantha, OX



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