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Make-Up Revolution: Bronze, Blush and Highlight

IMG_2794 IMG_2797 IMG_2796Ive featured this Make-Up Revolution palette on my blog before but I have suddenly started using a lot a lot. The palette in mention is the Ultra Blush Palette in Golden Sugar. I know Make-Up Revolution have recently got a new contour palette out which looks sooo dreamy. But I have been loving using this palette for contour, blush and highlight. How crazy. It makes traveling with a limit on luggage amazing. There are three colours in the palette that are in question and I am just loving it.  One issue I am having with this is that these shades don’t have names so I’m going to have to try and show you which ones im talking about. Although I do love all the shades in here and will be mentioning a few of the others, there are three that I am non stop loving. If I talk about where the shades are think that you are holding the palette in front of you with the mirror facing you that way you know exactly which ones.

IMG_2802 IMG_2795 IMG_2798

I always start by contouring when im onto my cheeks,so the on I have been using to chisel my cheeks is the shade in the bottom right hand corner. I love that this brown shade is cool but not too cool, it doesn’t have any shimmer to it which I love personally love for contour. The blend of the colour is amazing, I apply it with the Real Techniques 301 brush and then blend it out with a bigger fluffy brush, this creates the perfect contour without looking too heavy and ‘fake’. I haven’t been anywhere in the sun this year girls so I gotta be creating the gorgeous cheeks one way or another. The colour above that is pretty much the same shade but has a shimmer too it, if you are the kind of gal who loves a shimmery bronzed look this would look amazing.

Next up I apply my blush, my favourite colour out of this palette for blush is second from the right on the top row. Its a very cool toned pale pink, with white shimmer running through. I love the shimmer in the blush as it blends into the highlighter so nicely. I take a medium brush to apply this to the apples of my cheeks. Pulling that fish face of course. If you like something a little darker than this then go for the one to the right of this another gorgeous colour just a little more of a plummy undertone.

My favourite part has to be the highlight. If anything is going to make me feel like a goddess its an amazing highlight and this creates just that. So this is the lightest whitest shade in the palette and its at the top right. A mix of white with gold shimmer running through. It is just something else. This creates such an amazing finish to the look. I apply this with a fan brush then I blend it into the blush and bronzer. Ahhhmazing. What is your favourite Make-up Revolution item?





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