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2015 Favourites // ETC

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Now we have read all-out my beauty favourites of 2105 its time tot all about all the other little goodies the kept me going through out the year. To be honest this is one of my favourite parts to read about favourites post purely because I find some many fun new things that I can try out. Like finding a new tv series to watch, or the next book I’ll be reading. Or a new flavour of tea! As much as beauty interests me I just love finding other quirky bits and bobs. And for me 2015 was a bit more of the same old, same old kind of story. Not many new things and more going back to things I know and love. Which isn’t a bad thing  but 2016 is more about saying yes to things I wouldn’t have in 2015 and that means trying new things.

One of my all time favourite buys of 2015 was my Olivia Burton Rose Gold watch, since I started working in Goldsmiths I have been swooning over all the gorgeous watches and jewellery and thought it was about time I treated myself to something nice. When I saw the Olivia Burton collection online I had to get myself one, I knew I wanted something rose gold so I searched and searched. I didn’t want anything too big, but I didn’t want anything too small at the same time. I knew I wanted a metal strap but again nothing too chunky. Then I spotted this little beauty. I love the dark face, the size, the strap is amazing as I don’t like anything to big and bold. It literally ticked all the boxes for me. Now its time to find some gorgeous jewellery to go with it!

A couple that kind of fit in the beauty section but they aren’t makeup, I decided they would go in this little etc post. First off is a hand cream by L’Occitane in the range of Shea Butter. I was using mini versions of this for most of the start of the year than Alex treated me to the big version and it is literally a life saviour. The scent is so relaxing and gorgeous. The product itself is thick and creamy but not too oily and it soaks into he hands pretty quickly which is something I walls look for in a hand cream as I hate anything that sits on my hands and goes onto anything I touch. The other sort of beauty product is any deodorant. I know this may be slightly strange for me to talk about. And you are probably thinking why on earth is this in my favourites but I just love it. Its keeps me smelling fresh all day and I swear when I goto the gym I still walk out smelly fine. Although the rest of me looks slightly messy. It is the Mitchum Powder Fresh 48hr roll on. Now I don’t usually go for roll ons but ever since I got this one I have loved it. It was actually a recommendation from a friend, so thank you very much! Get yourself to savers for it, its only £1!

I started the year off hating reading, then something hit me around March/April time and all of a sudden I had an urge to read everything and anything I could get my hands on. The first one was Not That Kind Of Girl by Lena Dunham which I actually wrote a post on back early last year. If you need a light-hearted read this is one for you, it’s a guide to any 20 year olds life. A real good laugh of a book, if you are feeling down get this book and I promise you will read it front to back laughing your head off. If you like things a little more serious then maybe try Dear Daughter by Elizabeth Little which you can also find a small review off here. This year I have made a promise to myself to read,read and read. If you have any suggestions please leave them below. Last thing we had to talk about is Tv Shows. Now if there is one thing I love finding it is new shows to watch. I’m not the typical binge watcher, I like to watch one episode of something then stop until the next day. I like to be able to enjoy one episode at a time. Normally. When it came to Pretty Little Liars it was something different. I was hooked from the beginning. There was nothing slow about it and I watched it, and watched it, and watched it . Until finally it was at the end of the season and I had to wait for it to come back on tv. Which by the way is the 12th! Did you hear that, the 12th of January a mere 4 days away! Another that I have loved watching in 2015 is Gossip Girl, which is the second time I have watched it but you can’t go wrong with popping Gossip Girl on in the background whilst you tidy up your room. Or there is House M.D if you don’t like girly shows, you can find a review on it here! Oh and by the way, you can find all these over on Netflix! I know, its amazing right?



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