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Review // Natural Acne Ultra Clear**

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Now I know I don’t have acne but I do however suffer from spots and have done since my early teens. Nothing I do seems to get rid of them and most products I try work for a week or so then my skin gets to use to them. I have oily/combination skin which I find really hard to control, I have even tried adding more oil to my face to try to slow down the production of oil but nope. My skin still believes it’s just not quite oily enough up there. When I got an email from Lyden about the Natural Acne Ultra Clear moisturizer I was intrigued. I had never really tried anything fully natural before. Of course I jumped to the chance of trying out the moisturizer. I have battled with my skin for such a long time that I will honestly try anything. Well, not everything but things that It think would have a good chance of working. I wanted to give this little pot of magic a good run for its money and actually received this way back in November and started applying it to my face that night. I didn’t just want to wait a week then write-up my review, I wanted to see what it was like after a month of two. As I said some things work for me then stop. But this little beauty has helped my skin so much. Yes I still have spots. However they have cleared up so much compared too before, the oils in my skin have calmed down and I feel as though the condition of my skin is looking a lot healthier than it was before I started using Acne Ultra Clear. You can get this from Amazon and you have been lucky enough for me to receive a 10% off coupon to get your first pot of Acne Ultra Clear, you can find that here.

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The product itself is a very thick, grey coloured cream. I was a little put off by the colour and smell slightly when I first put it on but you get used to it. It’s not the same old bright white cream that smells of flowers. For me though that makes it a lot better, there is not nasty chemicals waiting to block up my pores, or acids that are used to make the smell super fake. Its natural and that’s what I love about it. I apply this to my face every night before I go to sleep, you can use this morning and night but I tend to stick to my thinned day cream and then use this as a night-time moisturizer. I apply dots of it around my face then rub it in, in circular motions. You will notice your face feels super smooth the minute you have fully massaged it in and when you wake up you can still almost feel it, sinking full into your skin. Some people may not like this, but for me this shows that the product is actually working. I will definitely be continuing to use this little pot of magic and probably buying myself another pot as soon as I get close to this one being empty.



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