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Watching, Reading & Listening #August

Ive read a few of these post for the last few months and enjoyed reading them. Finding new things to watch, read and listen to and I thought it was about time I put my own stamp on it. 


There has been a few. 

My favourite has to be Big Little Lies, I am currently watching series 2 as they are aired and honestly. Wow. I read the book a few years ago and although I remember things as I watch the tv program its just a bit of me. Its well directed and the characters are played so well. 

We (being me and Alex) have been watching Jack Ryan on Amazon prime. There are two reasons for this a) its all about the drama and Im into that and b) John Krasinski is all I have to say. He is all kinds of hot. Sorry Alex. 

Obviously my guilty pleasure of Teen Moms Uk made its way back on the screens and Im ok with that. Its gives me Wednesday night in on my own a different twist. 


Ok this one might be a little shorter than I would have liked but we can’t be watching all the TV if we have our head stuck in the book.

The first book I finished in August was called Little Sister by Isabel Ashdown. If you loved the couple next door your going to love this, this book was serious page turner. Think baby goes missing and crazy family shenanigans take place. I can’t say too much without ruining the story line for you. 

I am now onto The Familiars by Stacey Hall, any Autumn birds out there will fall in love with the cover of this book. A style I’ve never read before but I have to say I am loving it, think back to 1612. Witches. Thats all I’m saying. 


Your going to have to forgive me on this one as I have been non stop listening to my Autumn playlist on Spotify. The playlist I have had on repeat was made last year but I am in the middle of making my Autumn 2019 playlist. You can search charlottesamanthaox to have a listen. I promise you won’t be let down. 

What was your favourite thing to watch, read or listen to this month? Maybe it can be added to my September post. 



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